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Desk with new ported apps

Windows XP MCE 2005

I didn't think it was possible, but people actually PORTED stuff like snippingTool, hold'em and Inkball to XP, and for once these work properly!

This pack was released much earlier, but it just didn't work for me, after doing CORRECT steps I got it working :D

Mirror: [link]

Big thanks to AMIRZ for making this possible!

Comments are welcome!

PS It seems to be NOT illegal, since it was posted at winmatrix too [link]
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lol, i love inkball

also i thought you used xp pro, not MCE
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MCE is newer and has stuff :P
Thx alot! See you fediaFedia...:please:

Always your loyal fan, Amirz
Oh i see. Hopefully they can fix it as soon as possible...

Thx alot for your help! May i add you as my friend here fediaFedia? (i have added Picassa243 or seems vice versa...). Thx!

Always your fan Amirz
fediaFedia and Picassa243, i am really happy to hear they are finally working for Picassa243....

Btw, do you know what actually "happened" with Wincert for last 48 hours fediaFedia? (it seems they have been "hacked" but im still not sure yet...)

Also, i am using FireFox now, (sorry if this sounds so stupid...), but i can't add more emoticon etc except only one here? lol, why? How to "fix" it???

Thx, always your fan, Amirz
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Wincert's security was breached, there was a message this morning, and admins are working to restore it.

To add more custom emotions on Deviantart use this list: [link]
And just copy paste the emotion text to the text box where you write ;)
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ты брал в этом участие? просто в том проекте портировано много цпл, и программ из висты и стоит благодарность тебе.....
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A, nu da, ja videl etot topik na winmatrix.
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:omg: This is all ported stuff??? Awesome...Sweetness...(Sorry for late post, I haven't been on dA for a while)
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Yeah all that, there are more ported apps btw
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Oh, that's awesome!! Must download NOW!!!
Yeah...btw the TT skin that you told me is awesome! Again, thx alot for the stuff Fedia Fedia! (I prefer it than WB because it's light and free of course, though WB is still better). OK, see you...

Regards, Always your fan Amirz
No i dont mean your comment Fedia Fedia, but his. Please read his post here again: "...I installed Alky with the product key and put the two dlls in the root of the system drive nothing happens...". i just worry he copied them to %SystemRoot% or Windows Folder...
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sorry i mean don't put the 2 files on System 32 or Windows Folder. sorry for the typo and my very bad English, lol. Good luck
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What i mentioned in my comment before was putting the 2 SnippingTool files to system32.
Thx alot Fedia Fedia! I have to go there now.

And sorry i missed one. To Picassa 243 What exactly do you mean "put the two dlls in the root of the system drive". Please dont copy the 2 files on System32 or Windows folder, but "sources" named folder (create if it doesnt exist after you have extracted them) on your partition/Drive (e,g: D:\ so the full path becomes D:\sources). please read whole steps again. Good luck

Regards, Always your fan, Amirz
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My WINDOWS is in D:\ by default so I put the two files in D:\Sources. Uninstalled Alky, Reinstalled it selected D:\Sources as the Vista Installation source then inputted the Ultimate Key and installed, rebooted and placed the apps in system32, Checked all pre-requisites and then double clicked exes, nothing happened.
Hello Fedia Fedia and Picassa243 Yes Fedia Fedia is right. Just do the following steps. I just have answered both of you on there (WinCert). I also recommend using "generic/valid" Ultimate key.
btw i have a question, which did you use on your screenshot (transparent border): Window Blinds or TrueTransparency? Do you know where to get the best skin for TT? (looks "blurry") Thx alot for your help!

Always your fan, Amirz
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I'm using my own theme here, it's Aero Ultimate (link in my sig) :)
Here is the best vista skin for TT: [link]
But it doesn't have blur like WB...
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