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Daylight for Rainmeter 1.0.1


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Changing your Skins to Dark (or Light) Mode, along with the wallpaper, system theme and dock

For Windows 10, 8, 7 and so on...

:new: Now switches the Windows 10 Theme too!


Install the skin
Right-click it and select Settings
Set latitude and longitude (you can find them here:
Wait till there's a sunrise or sunset!
Play with other options!


> Switch the Dock theme in RocketDock/ObjectDock (Dock skins with two styles are recommended)
> Specify separate wallpapers for dark mode and light mode
> Run any other custom command when sunset hits
> Manually switch to dark mode / light mode by clicking it (Note: if you switched it manually, it won't switch by sunrise / sunset until its been refreshed)
> Change icon size and style


> Automatically detect coordinates (privacy implications, heyoooo!)
> More than 2 wallpapers throughout the day
> Specify a folder of light/dark wallpapers

When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 

Already included and loved in:

There's also the dock.exe which changes the dock theme... feel free to look at its source code, really complicated stuff!

If you are a skin author, feel free to try this version and implement it in your work, don't forget to include credits! If you are a dock skin author, make sure to have both a light and a dark theme from now on!

Speaking of credits, credits:

LUA program by Elias Karakoulakis, Jarmo Lammi, thanks to Xyrfo, Niivu and Lex.

These will be shortly integrated into BigSur BETA 2 and Omnimo 10.0.3
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nice, now my eyes are hurting from all light mode on my pc