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Daylight for Rainmeter 1.0.1


Changing your Skins to Dark (or Light) Mode, along with the wallpaper, system theme and dock

For Windows 10, 8, 7 and so on...

:new: Now switches the Windows 10 Theme too!


Install the skin
Right-click it and select Settings
Set latitude and longitude (you can find them here:
Wait till there's a sunrise or sunset!
Play with other options!


> Switch the Dock theme in RocketDock/ObjectDock (Dock skins with two styles are recommended)
> Specify separate wallpapers for dark mode and light mode
> Run any other custom command when sunset hits
> Manually switch to dark mode / light mode by clicking it (Note: if you switched it manually, it won't switch by sunrise / sunset until its been refreshed)
> Change icon size and style


> Automatically detect coordinates (privacy implications, heyoooo!)
> More than 2 wallpapers throughout the day
> Specify a folder of light/dark wallpapers

When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 

Already included and loved in:

There's also the dock.exe which changes the dock theme... feel free to look at its source code, really complicated stuff!

If you are a skin author, feel free to try this version and implement it in your work, don't forget to include credits! If you are a dock skin author, make sure to have both a light and a dark theme from now on!

Speaking of credits, credits:

LUA program by Elias Karakoulakis, Jarmo Lammi, thanks to Xyrfo, Niivu and Lex.

These will be shortly integrated into BigSur BETA 2 and Omnimo 10.0.3
Comments are welcome!
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nice, now my eyes are hurting from all light mode on my pc

Auto theme changing feature not working for me even after putting lat. and long., have to do it manually. Pls help !!

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Im using this on Big Sur. Once sunset hits, it works amazing, but when it should change back to light the icons still stay dark. is there some way to fix this?

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I thought the widget was the one on this cover photo, the one with the sun, moon and arrows. Too bad it's not that, much better than the actual button that is barely visible on this preview

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The idea is that it should be subtle, as it switches automatically. You don't even need to interact with it or see it.

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Best idea ever!! Thank you for your effort.

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You're very welcome!

I've been trying to install this, however the skin won't install and quit the installation in rainmeter with an error that its unable to create file: path\Config.exe and then quits the skin installer. Any idea what might be causing this?

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Could be your AV, not sure why they don't like the config tools. Which rmskin are you trying to install?

I was trying to install the big sur one. Don't got any AV besides standard windows stuff.

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Useless to you maybe. I like having a dark theme applied automatically at sunset, it's also better for the eyes.

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Wow! Huge undertaking but great idea mate. Looks awesome, can't wait to test it out. :love:

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