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Compatible with Windows 7 icon

I was bored and tried to make a compatible with windows 7 icon in Office 2010, it turned out pretty well so I decided to finalize it in photoshop and release it, because i didnt find any quality logos, just this crap: [link] [link]

Anyway this is just for editorial purposes, feel free to see how it was done PPTX and PSD files included, also 256x256 and 512x512 icons.

Comments are welcome!

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Nice! You should put some kind of secret pixel or very specific color in there and see how many scam registry cleaners steal it for their box art. hehe 
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Great icon! But I have a PC wich operating system is a Windows 7. Windows 7 Icon Windows 7 Icon 
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Cool! I am going to use this on my computer and do something cool with it.
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Windows 7 kicks ass! =D
Why not make them into icons ???
Every time I try to make an icon out of a png they're half the size I wanted
It's very nice man! Thanks, I'm happy to find a good one! Thanks a lot!
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do you mind but i have the official windows 7 flag (edited it for personal use) and was wondering if u want the copy so u can add it to this? It looks rather nice with it.
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very cool
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nice, but it think light blue would suit Windows 7 better, instead of dark blue...
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Office 2010 still exceed my expectations :D, very nice work
btw the other icons really looks crappy
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Hey Fedia! You inspired me to do one for myself - check it out please... [link]

You did that it in Office? Nice work. :)
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You're meant to put "Capable" and "Premium Capable" ;P
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Never seen premium capable logo. If a PC can't run aero it's not capable, it's unsuitable for seven because aero is a key feature of it, I mean even cheap netbooks and some small MIDs have graphics cards that work with aero in the modern market anyway.
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It's a joke related to the way Vista was marketed, with a Capable and Premium Capable logo. Lots of people got confused (though I dunno why) as the "Capable" barely ran Vista and didn't have Aero. Think a system with 1GB or less of RAM and a non-Aero capable graphics card.
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It's funny how such systems were still sold in 2007. Hopefully in 2009 we wont find such.
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No, seems the minimum these days is generally 2GB, but either way, almost all will be Aero capable, and 1GB of RAM will be more doable on Windows 7 over Windows Vista.
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The 298$ notebook sold in best buy has 3GB
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There we go, but don't forget I'm in Australia.
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Yeah that's the problem, most computers are dirt cheap only in us :(
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