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Big Sur 1.0 BETA for Rainmeter

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Download the new Big Sur / iOS 14 look on your Windows Desktop today: we.tl/t-gttJLzym1R

Dock and Icons by niivu: www.deviantart.com/niivu/art/B…

New 1st of July update: Fixed items getting stuck in dark mode after changing settings.
Bigger update: Fixed most shortcuts (Steam, Origin, Skype, etc) Probably best to redownload ;)
Small update: Fixed word, Spotify shortcuts. And light mode for shortcuts/web. Changed placeholders.


Well there it is :eager: by darkmoon3636
It took longer because I needed to find a suitable replacement font

Big Sur 1.0 BETA by fediaFedia
RELEASE: 26th of June 2020


If you have Rainmeter installed, just double click BigSur.rmskin
If not, launch Setup.exe and follow the instructions to download Rainmeter, after you've installed it, BigSur will be installed by the installer.
You can also download Rainmeter yourself from rainmeter.net, then install it, and you'll be able to open BigSur.rmskin

Thanks to LEX, Maiguris, dtaf_alonso, smurfier, jsmorley, cfixd and Xyrfo
Font credit: rsms.me/inter/


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So, I did some tweaking and changed the player to Spotify. it works fine, I replaced the logo and title art, but i would really love to know, where i can change the color of the play/pause and artist icon. I would also love to know, how I could code it to use WebNowPlaying to have Spotify covers using Spicetify, looking forward to your answer.

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Kurumelo07New Deviant

Como amigo muy buen trabajo me gustaria saber como instalo el Dock o barra de abajo para que se vea como MacOs

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MRsadabHobbyist Interface Designer

Hi there! Awesome work! I have instantly become a fan! <3 Could you please tell me where can I get the weather code for my location? Thanks

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sheldorsheldorNew Deviant

I dont have the Dock... Where to find? What to do?

It5mePatr1ckDev's avatar
It5mePatr1ckDevNew Deviant

Go to this link:

Big Sur - Docks and Icons
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islamk10New Deviant

Looking great, thank you

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hi, unfortunately I couldn't translate months and days because there is no full language support :(

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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer

BETA 2 will have language support

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I love it, great work! :D

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JymzooNew Deviant

Three"bugs" that I hope can be fixed:

- In Dark Mode Notes & Calendar, text you type is hardly visible when you're typing it and only shows up in white after you finish editing

- No easy way to indent/do bullet points in Notes & Calendar

- Many news headlines redirect to nonexistent pages

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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer

Noted, thx

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So I just linked my spotify.exe to the application. It changed directly to the black version and I'm not able to change it to white now, what?? I also noticed that the apps won't click into place at the edge of the undersite from the various widgets. I'd also love to know, why you used app-icons, that don't have the exact sizes of the other app-icons.

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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer


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BruhNelsonNew Deviant

Dark mode toggle doesn't turn off? Also is there a possible way to make the volume/brightness sliders draggable so I can smoothly adjust them rather than having to just click on where ever I need them?

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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer

Works fine? Make sure you use Rainmeter 4.3

And no unfortunately it couldn't be done that way

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How do I change from 24hr time to 12hr?

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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer

Turn off metric units in settings

Bluefury3312's avatar

I just cannot seem to turn on or off any sliders...every time i tap the sliders, the news just seems to refresh...

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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer

Make sure you use Rainmeter 4.3

Bluefury3312's avatar

I have the latest version

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seansegundoNew Deviant

Is there a way to change the size of the app icons?

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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer

Settings > Scale

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seansegundoNew Deviant

Thanks! The Settings > Scale option also changes the size of the widgets. I ended up just adding scaledpi=x.xx to the .ini files of the individual app icons/shortcuts that I'm using. Great work on the skin!

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I have an extra question, how the dock theme change is beeing done? AHK?

and is this Nexus?

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