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Download iPad Clock for Rainmeter: [link]

Wallpaper and icons from: [link] (i think) Thx to balderoine for finding that site.

It's strange, but a centered mac like setup looks especially great on a notebook.

This time i changed the logon and pre-logon screens, using snow leopard wallpaper as logon and cool apple logo animation i made for authui. Will release it later.

Comments are welcome!
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that looks so awesome *squeal* xP
What are all these different types of apps called for example Rainmeter. I want to try and find more but I don't where and what they are called :P
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what's the font on the ipad clock?
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that player you set up there below the clock... how did you do that? '-'
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I'm fairly sure it's CD Art Display with some cornered mac skin.
What theme are u using? The black apple/taskbar??
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i wonder what app you use for the clock that 'spread' across the desktop.
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iPhone clock, you can find 2.0 in my gallery, I'll release 3.0 soon
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please make one also for 1440x900, and if it is like glass effect iphone clock 2.0 rainmeter with seconds, it'll be a blast, you know second indicator just make the screen alive
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Try iPad Clock for rainmeter, it has been released for over a year and it has tons of features: [link]
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how can i get the big clock
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hey nice mac :) Is that winamp? up in the right ? And can you tell me what skin is this..
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It's CDArt display
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I wish i could use on Seven :/
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Hey, can you please tell me where you got that icon you used on the folder "STUFF". I really like that icon.
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Sorry, i have no idea, I lost the whole partition with that system
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Ohh... thanks anyway, do you have another icon similar to that. Or any other cool one. I'm trying to make my desktop like your's. I'll send you a Screenshot when its done. Lol.
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hi i like ur work fedia /I've Tried ur rainmeter code but nothing good can send me the folder of this Gadget
because the just show the clock without the sidebar something like that >> [link] !help pliiz i know ur a good men upload for me the folder :d :d
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Try the customizable config folder, it has everything seperate
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