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Aero Ultimate FINAL



If you want a great WINDOWS 7 theme for XP, I suggest trying this: [link]


If you're still on XP and want to make it look like vista - you were waiting for this update, it took a while though, but now I present you the final version of Aero Ultimate! It's a major release and has tons of fixes, improvements and optimizations. All substyles are updated with many new details. All skin patches are modified to fit the new version of this plus some other extras you'll find in the pack. The info in the preview isn't updated, the style looks better when applied. As usual - please post your opinions, suggestions and bug reports in your comments, if you appreciate my hard work, consider :+fav:ing this deviation :)


What's included in this release?
– WindowBlinds style for 32 and 48 pixel icons
– Information.PDF
– Skin patches with readme.txt in every file
+ Extras
- Favorite Links kit
- Remove Windows Flag
- Vista Cursors (normal+shadowed)
- Some wallpapers
- Vista userpictures
- Hints
- Recommended downloads
– Styler toolbars
– Logoff\Shutdown text remover (StartmenuLSTremover.)
– Screenshot

Substyles included in the WindowBlinds style:
:pointr: Windows Aero Default
:pointr: Windows Aero Graphite
:pointr: Windows Aero Blue
:pointr: Windows Aero Teal
:pointr: Windows Aero Red
:pointr: Windows Aero Frost
:pointr: Windows Aero Orange
:pointr: Windows Aero Pink
:pointr: Windows Basic
:pointr: Old Windows Basic
:pointr: VisintiVS by SiegWarheit (port)
:pointr: Ezlo XP by ForXy (port)
:pointr: NEXTlevel by Vathanx (port)
:pointr: Windows Seven M3 by thomas9999 (port)
FAQ: How to solve issues (if any) —————————————————————————————————————
> You must have WindowBlinds 6.X ENHANCED to use this theme with Aero glass frames! If the theme turns to classic or something your WB is NOT activated.

> If you have a activated WB version but don't see aero glass frames, your video card doesn't support glass, or something is configured incorrectly.

> If your logoff shutdown area in the startmenu is displayed incorrectly - use StartmenuLSTremover supplied in the package before complaining!!!

>If you have corrupted (white looking) fonts in the titlebar (which is usually a conflict with styler program) go to wbconfig, select system info tab, and check the box on the right (Enable if you have corrupted titlebar...)

> More info in information.PDF

Big thanks to everybody who reported bugs,
made suggestions and helped me out with the style!

Special thanks to:

Balderoine - for help with the style and graphics
Ruben - for support and feedback.
Ben Wylde - for helping me out with the images and reporting bugs.
Carlo - for very detailed bugreports.
Marakratt Sala - for some excellent vista screenshots.
Vishal-Gupta - for the reg tweak from askVG.com
-kol - for giving permission to use some of his images from VistaXP.
Vathanx - for allowing to port his excellent NEXTlevel for vista
SiegWarheit - for allowing to port VisintiVS
Kayeirene - for a few WhiteFlame images.
Picasa243 - for the reg tweak.
thomas9999 - for Windows Seven M1 style

If you own a site or a blog, you can freely redistribute this package, but put the original link too and keep track of newer releases. You can post a quick thumbnail to your website by copying the Embed content on the top right side of the description.

If you want to include this package or any portions of it in a customization pack, please note or email me first.

You are not allowed to redistribute edited contents of the package.

Aero Ultimate has been downloaded more than 350.000 times from 3 official sources already!

Misc information
Preview created in MSO Word 2007

Graphics - WB official logo, generic vista logo, avatar.

Items on the small desktop preview:
Original Windows Sidebar (but I recommend rainbar: [link] )
Vista iconpack can be found here: [link]
For favorite links tutorial, and more - visit my gallery.

LEGAL information
No legal problems since April!

Few images were used from VistaXP skin by -kol.
- legal permission status: granted

Diamond skin used as base - permission granted by support@stardock.com. All stardock imagery has been removed and replaced.

All vista images are a property of Microsoft Corporation

This project has been created to deliver the ultimate Vista WindowBlinds style for xp users - only customization purposes, with no intention to profit from it or violate the copyright agreement.

Post your bugs, suggestions and opinions here! :+fav: if you like, and don't forget to visit my gallery for more vista stuff!
© 2008 - 2024 fediaFedia
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the windowblinds theme looks really good! im using it rn and i love the aero glass texture!