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Aero Ultimate 7 6801 Beta

By fediaFedia

:new:Check out the best XP to Windows 7 tutorial here: [link]

Notice: You need Aero Ultimate Original to be installed, otherwise the shellstyle won't work [link]

Aero Ultimate 7 6801 Beta for XP (Based on original Aero Ultimate)

I finally got all the resources I needed without having to download Seven (the dl speeds are still very low), so this release has some original images from windows seven. Mostly the startmenu is improved, it's a little darker and has a blueish shade on it, all other stuff was demonstrated in the previous preview.
The pack includes:

WindowBlinds style
New FindeXer config and icons
Perfectly matching vistart skin: [link]

Download wallpapers: [link]

The PDC (the one in the preview) wallpaper: [link]

If you want these gadgets - download rainbar and simply disable the sidebar background: [link]

Download 7 StylerToolbar here: [link]

Windows 7 Logon: [link]

Windows 7 Screensaver: [link]



HUGE Thanks to RaulWindows [link] for getting me the resources I needed!

Also thanks to Giannisgx89 [link] for letting me use some resources!

This is a beta, there might be bugs.


Comments are welcome!
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Rapidshare's site got taken down.
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This looks amazing on my Windows 8 computer!

You might be like "why?". Well it's because a made-for-xp theme works on a newer version of windows.
fediaFedia's avatar
Can you show me a screenshot? Stardock must have done an exceptional job keeping compatibility if a 10 year old theme still works....
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I'm extremely inactive on DeviantArt and i'm now running a slightly customized-by-me version of Windows 7.

The sad truth was that i was using a cracked version back then. I'm planning myself to get a genuine license.
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the caption buttons are vista style.
nickypartinwindows8's avatar
go find a windows 7 style with windows 7 buttons.
blazinfire62's avatar
You are the best!!!!
kk completely confused on how to install it
im looking forward to this one!its a bit more complex to install but i dont mind. :)
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Awesome.But The Show Desktop Button At The Right Of The Taskbar Doesn't Work And It Should Have A Blue Taskbar.Not The Vista one...Just a Tip...
Vladiftimescu's avatar
wow it's great bu could you please remove the search bar from the start menu...i don't want to install vistart cuz my pc is slow and i don't like the fake thing...or could you tell me how to remove it?THANKS great job on the skin it's awesome!!!!!1
i kant typ english because iam srilankanboy
you can sendme your email adress my account([link]
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Sorry, this skin is not developed anymore, check this out: [link]
I have one question. Can you make a Windows 7 theme with superbar please? For WindowBlinds of course! I have been looking for one everywhere and I know you can do it!
Looks fantastic! It Is!
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Hey dude, I love your work. I've been using your Aero Ultimate skin ever since I got WB, and I was wondering when/if you are gonna make a skin based on the latest beta. Keep up the great work man. :D
fediaFedia's avatar
There is one in developement: [link]
evo-fx's avatar
I think I saw that one, but I was wondering if you were going to make one, lol. No panic or anything, I was just wondering. :D
fediaFedia's avatar
In fact I am thinking of making one :P
rthmn3021's avatar
*sigh* If only I had WindowBlinds... :( Its too expensive!
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