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Supernova- S01E01= Back to Mewni
A dimension portal opens up and a carriage being pulled by dragonnnettes comes out of the portal. They made their way to the front gates of Mewni. Close up on Supernova's face. As the three suns reflected on the carriage, Supernova squeezes his eyes shut and closes the curtains. He pulls a pair of sunglasses with 9-degree lenses.
He curses about how Mewni's suns were so bright and puts the sunglasses on. He asks himself, "What'll mom and dad think of me after I changed?" The carriage walks all the way to the Butterfly Castle.
The scene changes and it was in the Butterfly Castle throne room, where Queen Star Butterfly, the defiant, is currently hanging banners and ribbons in the room, King Marco is now talking to Princess Andromeda, Supernova's younger sister. Andromeda has a sour look and crossed arms.
Marco says that they needed to plan a party and that Andromeda has to tell everyone to be here in the throne room during her brother's welcome back party.
Andromeda responds with "No one
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Holly Borderline by february-6555 Holly Borderline :iconfebruary-6555:february-6555 4 3
You're so recent!!!
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So apparently other ZaDr shippers were attacked
I wasn't the only one that was attacked by SJWs there were more, and with that said I've made a Tumblr post that I would like for you to reblog to get the word out there. That link will send you to a post that I've posted into Tumblr that will have another link inside that will send you all to a Tumblr post with Zim's true age in it and why ZaDr isn't pedophilia. 
It's really ridiculous that people won't let shippers ship what they want. It's like they always have to complain about something first it was Frans and now it was ZaDr (I can't wrap my head around the fact that people can't ignore things that they hate -like seriously it's not that hard people don't see me harassing people for what ship they like so why can't other's do the same? Oh yeah it's because they're super opinionated and think that everything that they think is fact! News flash people that harass in
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ZaDr Pride and Spirituality
So according to this  (One please don't assume that I'm straight thanks. My sexuality is unknown not even my family or friends know). Drawing hate art about me just because I like ZaDr isn't very nice either. I also didn't draw that Pride ZaDr and thought (mmmmm Yaoi) I drew that picture from my heart and soul, but you refuse to realize that fact since you can never take me seriously (just like on Skype you couldn't take me seriously), and no I don't treat LGBT Pride in the way you assume I do. I am very serious about it and they way you drew that picture (the one below) is not only mocking me as a person but it's mocking my spirituality also (The picture next to the one in question is my true sona one with a spiritual essence that I put into it that represented me). My sona can be seen clearly in the background of that "Pride" picture that this jerk has drawn. Hey you can even see my old username/icon/message that I said to peo
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Ponysona by Bezziie Ponysona :iconbezziie:Bezziie 51 10 IZ headcanon RaPr collab with br0k3n-fl4ws by Glitched-Irken IZ headcanon RaPr collab with br0k3n-fl4ws :iconglitched-irken:Glitched-Irken 123 20
This new DA rule only half way makes sense
I wonder if I drew myself currently if it would get taken down since you know WE ALL USED TO BE CHILDREN! Aging up a character isn't wrong and it shouldn't be either. Again we all used to be children. I understand that there are pedophiles on this website that deserve to be reported and banned, but there are people who draw nothing but innocent art that don't deserve this treatment!
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1.Post these rules
2.Post 8 facts about your character
3.Tag 8 other people : post their avatars or usernames & write their oc’s names next to them

Naucissa Butterfly
1. She was the very first Butterfly to never marry.

2. Even though she had denied many of her admirers, she still remained contact with them and would use Celena's spell, the Compatible Spell to find their own soulmates. Her admirers also remained friends with Naucissa.

3. Naucissa is not fond of sweet things, and would always comment on them, saying it leaves a funny taste inside her mouth.

4. Is fond of her grandfather Odysseus' teachings, and was aware of what her father, Telegonus, had done to him. Instead, she chose to forgive him and remind him that he should control his anger. Naucissa also controls her anger to not end up like her father.

5. Naucissa knows self-defense and would use it whenever someone was coming onto her.

6. She is a contrast to her niece, Sera; her niece wants to fall in love.

7. She likes wearing dark dresses and is fond of Queen Eclipsa's fashion.

8. Is close to her father, even if he was a murderer.

Sera Butterfly
1. Was taken aback when Calem told her he was into guys, and Eyre when she said she was into girls. But she still loved her children, because love is love.

2. Took dance classes when she was young, but cancelled it as she wasn't paying attention to her instructor.

3. She likes wearing hats. Like a LOT.

4. Contrast to her aunt, she likes sweets and would devour it.

5. Has a pig-goat she named Adale.

6. Sera has also made some spells about truth, lies, etc., but would use them to define a marriage.

7. She likes to climb trees and pick fruits for her family.

8. Likes to use her great-grandfather's spells to people who had done relationships wrong.

Calem Butterfly
1. Was the second ruler to have ever marry the same gender, the other being King Supernova centuries ago.

2. Was fond of formal wear; he even wears 'formal' pajamas when going to bed.

3. Though he is the second ruler to have married the same gender, their relationship was... not so perfect.

4. Is rather fond of chocolate; considers Eclipsa as one of his favorites.

5. Likes to wear conservative clothes.

6. Is in love with nature. Which is why he dipped down when he sees a group of nobles harming an animal.

7. Likes warnicorns and was known to tame them.

8. During his alleged... 'affair' with Antarctic, they had established a few rules.


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