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Welcome & Rules

This is a group where the nature photography is strongly appreciated!

Submitting art
:bulletblue: To submit, you have to be a member.
:bulletblue: Your submission will be declined if the photo you submit doesn't fit to the category you'd chosen.
:bulletblue: You can submit one deviation per month, to each of the folders.
:bulletblue: Submit ONLY THE BEST deviations from your gallery, preferably these which are most popular.
:bulletblue: If you want to know the reason why we declined your piece, please ask us in a Comment under the declined deviation.

:bulletpurple: WE DON'T ACCEPT :bulletpurple:
- few photos in one (!) (compilations)
- very post processed pieces
- photographs of dead animals
- photos with watermarks or disturbing text

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: IF WE DECLINED YOUR PHOTO: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
° Don't be angry with us. We declined it because it wasn't original or/and it wasn't creative or/and it was poor technically. We don't decline your photos to offend you so don't leave the group because of one/few declined pieces.
° Keep trying and submit one of your other deviations!
:bulletgreen: Light :bulletgreen:

One of the most important thing in photos is light.

What you should know about light in photos?

-Daily, natural light looks much more better, than contrived light.
-The best time for taking photos is before sundown or after sunrise and it is due to nice and soft tone of light.
-If you take photos in the middle of a day (when sun strongly shines), the best thing how to get soft and natural photos is to use some diffuser (clouds or trees are very useful in this case).
-Flash can be useful, but it is always better, if you have special flash (not inbuilt and you set it with regard to specific situation) and YOU NEVER EVER SHOULD USE FLASH TO TAKE close up PHOTOS OF ANIMALS!
-If you use flash, you should use diffuser for soft and natural photos too. And remember-clouds or trees arent useful in this case :) .

:bulletgreen: Shutter speed/aperture/ISO taking into consideration to light :bulletgreen:

-If you set low number of shutter speed it means your photo will be lighter because your aperture will be open for a long time, if you set high number of shutter speed it means your photos will be dark, because your aperture will be open for a short time.
-If you use a long time for your shutter speed, you should remember of shakes your hand and use a tripod (for really low numbers) or set your ISO to higher number.
-If you set your ISO to higer number, you may hold your camera in your hands during lower time of shutter speed, but lightnes would look like during higher speed. What is plus? You dont need to use a tripod. What is minus? ↓
-If you set your ISO to higher number, you should remember of NOISY image. Well, it is quite more difficult. If we have ISO from 100 to 25 000 with profi reflex camera,  and we set it to 1000, image will be cleaner than with 400 with compact camera. So if you have compact camera, set your ISO to the lowest number.
-Aperture (or focus) is important too. You can change intensity of light with consideration to shutter speed and ISO.
-If you set your aperture like 2, you will have really light image with higher shutter speed and lower ISO (but you will have only few points in focus) and if you set your aperture like 18, you will get quite dark image with lower shutter speed and higher ISO (but with all points in focus).

123 by Rosse-San

Well... I hope you get it :D It was complicated, huh? It is all about trying and playing and one day, you will be really good at it, just dont give up!

:heart: Silhouette 2 by photocrafter Leonardo Da Vinchi Rose by mqRina I am looking at you by AlesGola Damselfly by Seb-Photos immerse by JaclynTanemura CAT by 3liah  :heart:

Was it useful? Please, donate our group here… or leave a comment (even if you dont have questions :D ). Everything is welcomed!

Have a nice day,

Rosse :sun:
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