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Death and Circumstance ch 14, pg. 1 by featureEnvy Death and Circumstance ch 14, pg. 1 by featureEnvy
Death and Circumstance
Chapter 14, Page 1

I would type you a summary here but someone just walked inside from a smoke and I just got a whiff of something that just rammed death into my nostrils. So I'm confused and dazed right now. All you need to know is...Hades gets turned into a kitten by Eros and thrown into the modern day world where he is taken care of by an angry woman named Daisy who has nothing in life except a ditzy best friend named Chelsea....her interest in whom she can't seem to explain to the god of the underworld.

Started as a "I WONDER WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I WROTE A THING WHERE..." session with my little brother....who now only talks to me to ask for money. Oh well. Anyway, apologies in advance for half-assing this to get it down on paper. That means virtual no preliminary sketches in detail, no script, no rulers, no nothing. Just free-handing pens over bubble people and throwing on tones so you can tell what the hell is going on. Anything to just get this down on paper and stop bogging myself down. I will probably clean it up once the whole story is down on paper though....
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December 11, 2013
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