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Death and Circumstance ch 12, pg 10 by featureEnvy Death and Circumstance ch 12, pg 10 by featureEnvy
Death and Circumstance
Chapter 12, Page 10 (of 10)

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Overall Summary of Stuff that has Happened so Far:
One day Eros was bored. He decided it would be fun to turn Hades into a

harmless kitten and proceed to take over the underworld. Now Hades, once the

ALL POWERFUL MASTER OF THE UNDERWORLD *insert sinister laugh here*, has to

cope with being adorable and furry, all while trapped in a world full of

filthy, useless humans.
After being found by one such flesh beast named Daisy Buttons (but you'd

better call her "D" or your face will be on the other side of your head), he

is subjected to the shenanigans of her frighteningly girly friend Chelsea,

who is determined to make Hades as cute as possible.
Chelsea, however, has temporarily put Daisy in charge of Hades - or Java

Llama as he has been re-named - in order to go spend some quality time with

her boyfriend (or boyFIEND as Daisy would like to point out), all the while

pleasantly unaware of the absolutely bizarre experience that Daisy is

having, now that she has discovered...and forgotten...and

rediscovered...that the cat is, in fact, the pompous lord of the Underworld.

Now that Hades can talk, Daisy must put up with his incessant demands to be

taken back to the underworld.
In an effort to shut him up once and for all, she reveals his geographical

and ??temporal?? displacement, to which he naturally responds with disbelief

and loathing. Determined to make it back to his kingdom, the mighty king of

the underworld is reduced to scratching his way through the front door, only

to be defeated by TAPE.

This chapter:
The plot thickens AGAIN! Any thicker and it would be cement. But right now

it's cheesecake, so dig in.

Also this is more or less what I consider to be the end of Arc 1. I've never

gotten this many chapters into a project. It's a shame it had to be the

hastily scribbled one but HEY what can you do.

(DUN DUN DUUUUUUN) More terrifyingly bad news for Hades...Will it never end?

Other things:
The usual. Pretty much used deleters and psychobob for tones. Rapidly

scrawled with brush pens except for when I exchanged them for my trusty 0.3.

Because scrawling words with a brush pen SUCKS.
CharisJB Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
This is off to a good start! I think your characters, particularly the ruler of Hades is engaging. I like that he is somewhat flamboyant yet still menacing when he wants to be; good juxtaposition of qualities. Their dialog has a good flow to it as well, I like that they both have their own ways of speaking. 

Maybe a few suggestions? Overall its hard for me to get a sense of place/setting for the story. Perhaps some backgrounds, even very simple ones can help ground your characters in a world that's their own. Also the page layouts become a hard to read easily. Perhaps you could vary the squiggly borders the characters are in for plan boxes? 

A great book to read about creating comics is called "Making Comics" by Scott McCloud, I have it and its very helpful! Awesome job, and keep up practicing! :D
featureEnvy Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for the feedback. I wanted to keep a gritty, rough feel for this comic, which is the reason for the squiggly boxes, but I could make them less confusing. Also, by backgrounds do you mean more drawn backgrounds or backgrounds as in character descriptions?

Also, I would love it if you had any time at all to look at any of my more clean/serious work like Monarch. Death & Circumstance is sort of my goofy side project....
But again you don't know HOW much I appreciate feedback, so thanks. :)
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