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Death and Circumstance 9 - Page 1 by featureEnvy Death and Circumstance 9 - Page 1 by featureEnvy
Death and Circumstance
Chapter 9, Page 1

Overall Summary of Stuff that has Happened so Far:
One day Eros was bored. He decided it would be fun to turn Hades into a harmless kitten and proceed to take over the underworld. Now Hades, once the ALL POWERFUL MASTER OF THE UNDERWORLD *insert sinister laugh here*, has to cope with being adorable and furry, all while trapped in a world full of filthy, useless humans.
After being found by one such flesh beast named Daisy Buttons (but you'd better call her "D" or your face will be on the other side of your head), he is subjected to the shenanigans of her frighteningly girly friend Chelsea, who is determined to make Hades as cute as possible.
Chelsea, however, has temporarily put Daisy in charge of Hades - or Java Llama as he has been re-named - in order to go spend some quality time with her boyfriend (or boyFIEND as Daisy would like to point out), all the while pleasantly unaware of the absolutely bizarre experience that Daisy is about to have.
Will Daisy go insane or shrug off the experience as a side effect of depression medication?
Will Hades ever get to be NOT a cat?
Are there any straight people in this manga?!!!! (maybe.)
Read on.

This chapter:
Daisy, having been oblivious to "Java Llama's" true identity, is just getting used to the fact that the cat freaking talks, when a god with a grudge comes bursting into her house to spell out the details of his plans to mentally torture Hades. Eros is back and he'd like to point out all of the remodeling he's doing, just to rub it in Hades' face.

Other things:
As usual, scribbled hastily in pen, toned JUST as unceremoniously in photoshop, for that adorkable "i don't give a damn right now" feel. I might have penciled one or two pages this time and then inked them though.
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