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Artist of the Week

:iconfeature-it-monday: Artist of the Week is :iconsstarlingsnow:

Recess by sstarlingsnow
Portrait study #2 by sstarlingsnow

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Recess by sstarlingsnow
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The Wrong Calls CallingYou're following the wrong calls callingAlong with the others who do the sameAlways feeling a little bit strangeBut feeling like it's easier to do so'Cause you're a weak shameThe wrong calls calling you everywhereNo day is passing without giving inTime only makes you forget to guessYou're choosing the safer way to breathe'Cause you're nothing but a weak shameThere's the kid who got beaten by parentsBlack and blue colours of a joyful youthBut the wrong calls are calling to numb you cold'Cause even if you were experiencing the sameYou're an adult now, nothing to do with itWhat a weak shame!There's the woman who got raped again and againAn unwanted kid looking at her sad faceBut she's brave to speak and start her life anewAs you're reciting such condemning phrasesThe wrong calls calling in your brain'Cause you're a weak shame and don't wantBelong to the undergroundThere's the man who's bringing up his kids aloneThrown away his masculinity and roleTrying his best he's becoming something newWhile you're just letting the wrong calls call you once moreAs you're letting your meaningless laughs leave your mouthsBeing nothing but a weak shame...Don't tell me there wasn't even if one timeWhen you were holding yourself backFrom hearing the wrong calls calling youTo finally do something rightBut I'm seeing only soulless figuresZombies pulling themselves further in lifeWeak shames finding it easier to followEven knowing how it has hurtWhen the wrong calls were calling against youAnd there was no one left on your side but hurt...
Red white 2 by marrgit
6 by darkelfphoto
Ivana at the beach by gestiefeltekatze
Autumn Days by arefin03
Photography 2
Morning guests by Telais
Place by Tecior
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Feelings,  orchids barrette by Madlen-art
Anne Hathaway, 2021 Gif Speedrun Painting Process by carlosalbertosalva1
1 - Could you tell us a little about yourself, and when did you find that you were interested in creating digital artworks?
I’m a middle school teacher from Germany. I teach English, Art and Information Technology. In 2007, while I was still studying, I bought a second-hand graphics tablet, which sadly didn’t last long, but showed me the advantages of digital art and got me hooked.
When the cat's away
Where mail goes that can't be delivered
Sweet Dreams
Where stars come from
2 - How did you end up joining DeviantArt?
I honestly don’t remember. I first came across DA in 2005 or so and then finally decided to join two years later.
Waiting for a Snack
Always take the sun with you
Practicing Magic
3 - What is it that attracts you to digital art?
There are a few advantages to working digitally. A screen and a tablet take up less space in my apartment, and it’s easier to edit images. The colors tend to be more vibrant too, which is important to me because most of my paintings are either really colorful or show off strong contrasts.
The Mill
Of Time and Distance
Almost there
4 - Your gallery is filled with beautiful artworks. Could you tell us about the process that evolves from an idea, into the finished artwork that you upload?
I don’t really have one process. Ideas come and go. I keep a list with scenes or things I want to paint, but often I just start scribbling to see where that’ll take me. Most of my paintings start as simple pencil sketches which I then scan so I can paint over them on my computer. Other times I’ll start directly in Photoshop. Lately I’ve also been using ArtRage and DAZ Studio a lot. I’m not good with human anatomy, so the latter program allows me to pose characters which I can then use as references.
What have we here?
The Dryad - Version 2
The Wind and the Moon
5 - Which are your favourite artworks in your gallery, and why do they hold a special place in your heart?
Oddly some of my paintings I like the most, haven’t been too successful on DA and vice versa. I really like “The Moth”, “Always take the sun with you”, “Little Ones” and some of my greener pictures like “The Reader’s Path” or “Home Sweet Home”. The latter hold a special place in my heart simply because green is my favorite color and I love plants and nature. I’m also very proud of “Deep Friendship” which took me eons to finish.
The Moth
Little Ones
The Reader's Path
Home Sweet Home
6 - Which other artist(s) do you admire on DA?
Sadly, a few artists I admire have stopped posting on DA or deleted their accounts here, so I’ve more or less been forced to use ArtStation and Instagram more than I used to. There are still a few artists whose work I greatly admire here though: @MarcelaBolivar @gedomenas @AndreasRocha or @fdasuarez, to name just a few. I also enjoy reading Deevad’s comics whenever he uploads a new one.
The Reader's Refuge
The Dryad
Through the Thorns
Two Sides To Every Story
Magic Gateway
Thanks to MorJer for taking part in Feature It Monday's Guest Interview!
Deep Friendship
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