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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Epilogue
Even as Loki activated the tesseract, a small part of him regretted resetting the dials. Not that he would ever admit that. Loki had a very strict policy when it came to messing up: Never let anyone know that you made a mistake, and act as though your failures were a part of the plan all along. Not that resetting the dials had been a mistake, per se, but it certainly was going to make things more difficult. It was more of an inconvenience than a problem.
Though admittedly, an inconvenience that could possibly get him killed.
As he let the handles of the tesseract device slip from his fingers and the blue light overwhelmed him, he told himself that he wasn't doing this because of the girls. Their devotion to him had been useful. Something he could exploit to bring his plans to fruition. Anna and her friends had been tools, nothing more. Occasionally amusing, but certainly not anything for which he would endanger himself.
No, he had changed those dials for himself. It wasn't a mistake, i
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 18
The last few weeks of school after that day seemed to pass all too quickly. On the surface, everything seemed normal. There was cramming for exams, yearbooks to sign – and for the seniors – graduation preparations. Yet underneath it all, the school was changed.
Anna noticed that people looked at her and her roommates differently. Where most people had ignored her before, now she was getting reactions. Sometimes it was anger, sometimes fear, and more often than not, admiration. Everyone knew who had been behind the events with Loki, though no one dared to say anything aloud. It was the unspoken secret of Culbuter.
It wasn't just the students; all the teachers seemed to know who was to blame for that day as well. There was never any punishment, though. No one could prove it. The Avengers themselves had vouched for the girls' innocence, claiming as Anna had asked, that everyone involved had been under a spell.
While Anna enjoyed the newfound notoriety, she coul
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 17
"Anna!" Lynn stood up and started to run forward, but Steve caught her shoulder. The situation had changed again. Anna wasn't a victim anymore. With that tesseract in her hands, she was the opponent again. And Steve wasn't about to let their only leverage against her run off to give her a hug.
Anna smiled and gave her friends a little wave with the hand holding the scepter. "A word of advice," she said coolly. "Thor's probably not your best bet when it comes to reconnaissance. No offence, Big Guy, but attention to detail doesn't seem to really be your forte." She looked thoughtful for a moment. "I suppose I should be glad that Hawkeye can't fly, or I'd never have made it all the way back here."
Thor looked like he was going to say something, probably to defend his tracking skills, but Tony spoke first. "So, if you've got the cube, where is Mr. Tall, Dark, and Not-So-Handsome?" As he talked he slowly started to walk forward.
"I beg to differ on that last one," Xandra said, holding up a
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 16
"I told you already. I don't know where it is."
The blonde girl – Bruce had said she'd given her name as Lynn – sat back against the steps in front of the building, crossing her arms. This interrogation wasn't really going as well as Steve had hoped. He'd had some training in questioning prisoners, but he couldn't seem to get any more information from this girl. She didn't really seem to be defiantly holding back information. In fact, she just seemed annoyed that she was being interrogated for information she didn't have.
Steve was tempted to believe her – that she didn't know where the tesseract was – but Bruce had been insistent that she and her friends were very good actresses. Natasha had made the original decision that the three girls should be questioned separately. She and Barton were each talking to one of the other two girls far enough away that the conversations wouldn't be overheard. Bruce was standing next to Steve right now, listening to Lynn,
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 15
Everything was chaos and distortion, twisting in all directions. Loki's grip on her shoulder was the only thing that gave Anna a point of reference.
She stumbled and began to fall as the ground became solid again beneath her feet and gravity took hold once more. The world straightened itself out again for just a moment, and Anna barely got a glimpse of their surroundings, but a glimpse was enough.
A line of pillars to her left. A large set of wooden double doors to her right. Lynn and the two freshman girls standing just in front of them. The identical expressions of shock crossing their faces. The tesseract cradled in Lynn's arms.
They were at the front doors of the school. The rendezvous point.
One of the freshmen let out a scream.  Lynn started to take a step back in surprise. "What the-"
Without taking his hand off of Anna, Loki reached forward smoothly and took the tesseract from Lynn. "Thank you, dear," he said, calmly.
The whole exchange lasted barely a second, not eve
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 14
All five of the Avengers in the courtyard held their earpieces, each of them trying to figure out how exactly they were going to get back to the quinjet without the archers turning them into pin cushions. In the meantime, however, they needed to find out what had happened.
"Banner!" Steve said. "The girls at this school are working with Loki, don't trust them!"
"Yeah. No kidding." Bruce's voice came over the radio, with a bit of static. "That would have been nice to know a few minutes ago."
"What's happened?" Steve asked.
"Is the tesseract secure?" Thor's eyes locked onto his brother as he spoke.
"Are you okay?" Tony asked. He was all but ready to take off and fly over there himself. Only the weapons aimed at his team held him back.
"A couple of them got in here and tricked me into opening the door. I turned my back for a second and they were gone. They took the tesseract and the portal device."
Natasha cursed, glaring at the girls around them. She was thorou
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 13
"What?" Bruce said, sitting up in surprise. This was turning out to be one of the strangest conversations he'd ever had. And considering the company he'd kept the past few months, that was saying something. "What do you mean? Of course we exist. Haven't you been watching the news? Didn't you hear about the invasion in New York?"
"Yeah, I heard about it." The girl, Lynn, said. "When I went to go see The Avengers in theaters. The movie that just came out a few months ago."
"Movie? I don't understand."
She shrugged, spreading her hands. "Yeah, neither do I! Up until Loki showed up, The Avengers was just a movie! All of this – you guys, the jet, Loki – you're all fictional! Or, you were. I mean, it was a good movie, but I never expected the villain to show up at my school! Now he's got my roommates held hostage!"
He gave her a very skeptical look, so she sighed and reached down, pulling a laptop out of her bag. "Here, I'll show you." She tapped at the k
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 12
Dr. Banner frowned curiously at the quinjet's rear-view camera screen. With cameras set at nearly every angle, he had a very complete view of the soccer fields around the quinjet. And with all of the jet's weapons, the small airplane was a very defensible position. All the cameras meant he'd also be able to see anyone trying to sneak up on him.
Which was why he immediately noticed someone trying to do just that.
As he watched, a girl with a loose, blonde hair tied back peered around the bleachers of the soccer field. She looked back and forth quickly, her ponytail swinging behind her, then dashed toward the jet in a low crouch. As she ran, he could see she had a backpack slung across one shoulder, bouncing and hitting her back with every step. She came to a rushed stop in the shadows underneath the landing gear, breathing heavily. She glanced about again, trying to gauge whether she'd been spotted. After a few moments she decided she was probably safe, and then leaned out and waved her
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 11
The five Avengers fell back into a circle, facing outward in all directions, back to back. They were all fighters; they knew basic strategy. And as they watched hundreds of girls appear and arrange themselves around the courtyard, strategy told them that back to back was the only option. One thing was clear: over the course of less than a minute, their situation had changed from an opportunity to protect hostages to something far more sinister.
An ambush. Surrounded and outnumbered.
There were girls everywhere. The loud, yelling one on the roof had been joined by nearly fifty other archers. Like her, they had been crouching down behind the short walls on top of the walkways. Now each one of them was nocking a lethal-looking arrow on a bow as they stood up, lining the courtyard from above on all sides.
On ground level, girls poured in through all entrances, the first group of them carrying long spears that vaguely resembled track-and-field javelins, others behind brandishing all sorts o
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 10
Over the course of the next three seconds, Anna found herself grabbed, twisted, flipped and pinned. She slammed into the concrete hard, feeling the gritty surface scratch her other cheek as Agent Romanoff's knee dug into her back. The air left her lungs in a rush, and she gasped, trying to catch her breath despite the weight of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent on top of her.
How exactly did you think that was going to play out, Anna? She thought bitterly. At least Loki had gotten the scepter. Ever since the Avengers had shown up, she'd been somewhat worried that she wouldn't be able to pull off her part of the plan. She wasn't terribly thrilled that he'd cut her in order to do it, though. Her cheek still stung from the slice. He'd failed to mention that part of the plan when she'd offered to play the hostage again. Well, you didn't expect to escape working with the God of Lies and Mischief completely unscathed, did you? It could have been worse than a paper cut. She ought to be
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 9
The school was completely silent as the Avengers approached. There'd been no shouts of surprise when the quinjet had landed in the soccer fields. No one came running when they neared the school. There was no sound apart from six pairs of feet on the gravel path. The whole campus was still, like it had been abandoned.
Tony's faceplate slid back, revealing his face with a small whirr. "So, would saying 'It's quiet… Too quiet," be asking for it right now?"
"I don't like it." Steve said, hefting his shield as he walked. "This whole place feels dead."
"Maybe I should wait back at the jet." Bruce said. "Someone needs to guard the tesseract, and I don't think I'd be much help in this fight. I don't think letting the Other Guy take over when there's civilians around sounds like a very good idea." Thor had been reluctant to leave the tesseract back in New York, so they'd brought the cube along. He seemed to be afraid that S.H.I.E.L.D. would try to take it again.
"Good idea, though let's ho
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 8
"You had one job." Tony Stark said, looking flatly at the Asgardian in his penthouse suite.
He grabbed a bottle of scotch from the bar, pouring himself a drink. He'd been rather surprised to be woken up at 4 AM when JARVIS had announced that there was an unauthorized landing on the helipad of Stark Tower. He'd been even more surprised when it had turned out to be Thor with bad news.
"Is something going on? We heard the intercom." Steve Rogers said, walking in. Dr. Banner was right behind him. They'd both taken the time to get dressed before coming up. And they both looked surprised to see the God of Thunder standing across the bar from Tony.
"Thor?" Steve asked. "What are you doing here? I thought you took the tesseract and Loki back to Asgard."
"One out of two isn't so bad." Stark said, taking a sip of his drink.
"My friends," Thor said gravely. "As glad as I am to see you again, I'm sorry to say I bring bad news. Loki has escaped."
"Yeah, how'd that happen actually?" Tony sa
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 7
Anna watched silently as the girls of Culbuter filed into the large common area of the school's library. It was the morning of day after she'd found Loki, and the past 24 hours had been unbelievably hectic. Yumi had infiltrated the office successfully, and the teachers' meeting had been rescheduled to today. Late yesterday evening, Anna had met with the other RAs and told them she had an announcement to make during study hall the next day, and to be sure that everyone on each of their floors were there. Sometimes there were girls who would stay in their rooms during study hall and Anna wanted to be sure that nobody missed this.
The way Anna had phrased it, she'd made it sound like she was planning some kind of school-wide prank for the end of the year. She'd figured being vague and letting the other RAs spin their own interpretations would be better than any fake story she could come up with. She got more than a few curious glances as the girls filed in, talking loudly to each other an
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 6
Anna talked through the encounter in the woods and how everything had happened. She explained why Loki couldn't go back to Asgard and the plan to get a one-time use of the portal somehow. "We can do this you guys. Think of how many girls there are in this school who'd stand with us. We won't go down without a fight."
"A fight…" Lynn interrupted at that point. "So wait, does this mean the Avengers are going to show up here?"
Anna nodded. "I think so. I'm not sure what kind of timeframe we're looking at though." She turned to Loki. "Any idea how long we've got?"
"I selected a random location during my escape, hoping it would buy me time." Loki said. "Erik Selvig created the personal portal device for the tesseract, and I'm sure he would be able to find out where it sent me, at least within a fairly small radius. As for how long it will take for my brother to find him, get the information as to my whereabouts, and then assemble his friends…"
He shrugged slightly. "I cannot say f
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 5
Anna stood nervously as Loki looked between her friends slowly. He was smiling, enjoying the shocked looks on their faces. What have I done? Anna wondered.
After the first moment of surprise, her friends' reactions were all different. Lynn let out a small shriek then clapped her hands to her face. As she pulled her hand away, her jaw dropped slowly and an overwhelmed, open-mouthed smile split her face. She looked between Anna, Loki and the other two as if waiting for someone to tell her it was all a joke.
Yumi on the other hand, gasped in horror, the blood draining from her face. She looked as though nothing was more terrifying than the man who'd just appeared before her. She flinched when Loki turned his gaze on her and unconsciously pushed herself back until her chair bumped into the desk.
"Is this real?" Yumi barely breathed the words. "Are you real?"
"Only one way to find out." Xandra said. She pushed herself off her bed, a wicked grin on her face.
Loki watched her as
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The Fangirl: Weaponized - Part 4
Anna raised her hand to knock on her dorm room's door, but hesitated. Did she really want to do this? Once she went in, there was no turning back.
She glanced over at Loki, who stood beside her. The God of Mischief had changed his appearance before they'd entered the school. To her, he seemed to be wearing a well-tailored suit with a green and gold scarf draped around his neck. She assumed that she was the only one who could see him at the moment though, since no one had noticed him or said anything when they'd walked through the halls. Thankfully, he'd finally taken the handcuffs off her before they'd entered. That would have been difficult to explain.
He raised an eyebrow at her pause. "Second thoughts?" he asked smoothly. The smallest of smiles touched his mouth. She pursed her lips. This was it. She could back down right now if she wanted. Her eyes flicked between him and the door.
"Nope. Let's do this." She turned back to the door, determined, and knocked with three quick, forcefu
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It's been a while since I posted anything, huh? I tend to DevArt lurk when I don't have anything to post. Usually I don't upload my original writing works, since those might someday be published (A girl can dream, right?) but I do have a new fanfic, which I'll post here! It's an Avengers fic, called The Fangirl Weaponized, and it's really just a bit of silly fun. Loki's featured pretty prominently but the others will show up eventually! Check it out!

In other news, I got a tumblr. Two actually. My first is my content blog. This is where I post the things that I make/write/draw. Currently I'm posting The Fangirl: Weaponized over there as well, but there's also a super in-depth character analysis of Loki in Thor (I'm a bit obsessed). I'm fairly proud of it, so if you've ever wondered why people find Loki a sympathetic character or want to know some of what was going on in his head during Thor give it a read. My content tumblr can be found at:

My other tumblr is my personal blog. It's basically there for me to reblog all the things I love and do my own thing. I reblog lots of Avengers, Loki, Legend of Korra, Brandon Sanderson, BBC's Sherlock, and Homestuck. That one's got a lot less love than my content blog, so give me a follow if you like any of those things. My personal tumblr can be found at :

And that's pretty much all. Thanks for reading!
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