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Reverse Falls Zodiac by FeatherWings1638 Reverse Falls Zodiac :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 16 2
How Dumb You Are - Chapter I - The Dream Was Real
    “Hey, don't you think this ship would make a cool snow globe?”
    Ford looked up from his studies to see that his twin had appeared in the doorway to his cabin aboard the Stan O'War II. Ford smiled and imagined it: a tiny snow-globe in which water floated with absurd and eldritch creatures swimming in its depths...and above all of it, a miniature Stan O'War II with two identical pilots manning it together.
    “Thinking of ideas for Soos' Mystery Shack?” Ford asked as Stan sat down next to him.
    “Yeah, I think,” Stan answered, rubbing his head a little. “It's an idea that's just been in my head for quite some time.”
    “Maybe you can sketch it out,” Ford said, his eyes never leaving the map in front of him. “We haven't been experiencing much lately.”
    “Really?” asked Stan with a smile. “I doubt that.” Ford
:iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 0 0
Kid Will Be Fine! by FeatherWings1638 Kid Will Be Fine! :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 1 0 Let's All Hold Hands by FeatherWings1638 Let's All Hold Hands :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 2 0 Welcome, One and All... by FeatherWings1638 Welcome, One and All... :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 4 0 The Man With the Mask by FeatherWings1638 The Man With the Mask :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 0 0 Little Wizard by FeatherWings1638 Little Wizard :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 2 0
Doctor Who - Heaven Sent
I'm pretty sure that was the only thought going through every Whovian's head on Saturday, November 28, 2015.  Was it because Capaldi quoted Smith twice?  Was it because the castle only had one prisoner?  Was it because of the castle itself?  What did it all mean?  What's going to happen next?  Don't worry; I promise I'll cover everything I can.
First thing's first: the dial.  How fitting for the Doctor's last will and testament to be Gallifrey itself.  You know those moments when all of the clues are right there in front of you but you're so caught up in the Doctor's deep and questioning monologues that you just don't figure it out? “You see, you just don't observe.”  Yeah, Sherlock, we understand now.  Those golden gears, the view from the top of the castle, even the center of the garden—they all vaguely resembled one thing: clockwork.  And in Doctor Who, that's always a symbol of tim
:iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 1 0
Selina Kyle by FeatherWings1638 Selina Kyle :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 2 0 Live Long and Prosper by FeatherWings1638 Live Long and Prosper :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 1 0
Osgood is back?
Who saw episode 6 of Doctor Who last night?  I'm very impressed with Ashilda's transformation, and I like what she becomes, but that's for later.  What I really want to talk about...was the trailer I saw afterwards.
Along with the return of an old enemy from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, we also see the return of Osgood, a nerdy UNIT scientist―and also the Doctor's biggest fan.  But wait, wasn't she killed by Missy in the season 8 finale?
But what if that was never Osgood to begin with?
Remember the scene in the 50th Anniversary special when 10 and 11 made some alterations to Osgood's, Kate's, and the other Zygons' minds?  They became unable to know what species they belonged to.  So what if the Osgood that Missy killed was actually her Zygon lookalike?  "But Sky, both Osgoods were able to figure out who was who in that scene."  Yeah, I know. So?  It said
:iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 0 0
Vic Mignogna's Concert CD by FeatherWings1638 Vic Mignogna's Concert CD :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 1 2 Todd Haberkorn and Vic Mignogna... by FeatherWings1638 Todd Haberkorn and Vic Mignogna... :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 0 0 I MET VIC MIGNOGNA!!!! by FeatherWings1638 I MET VIC MIGNOGNA!!!! :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 17 13 APH Greece - Out of the Sun by FeatherWings1638 APH Greece - Out of the Sun :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 1 3 Sea and Sky by FeatherWings1638 Sea and Sky :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 2 0


Hetalia: Lost by Monokanguyen Hetalia: Lost :iconmonokanguyen:Monokanguyen 96 30 AE animation by Sylar113 AE animation :iconsylar113:Sylar113 1,716 128 AE animation #2 by Sylar113 AE animation #2 :iconsylar113:Sylar113 1,593 80 Pidge by Elentori Pidge :iconelentori:Elentori 1,711 26 Petals Fall by yuumei Petals Fall :iconyuumei:yuumei 19,889 540 Viking chick (next dress up game) by AzaleasDolls Viking chick (next dress up game) :iconazaleasdolls:AzaleasDolls 402 129 sketch by Sylar113 sketch :iconsylar113:Sylar113 492 10 360 panoramic painting by Sylar113 360 panoramic painting :iconsylar113:Sylar113 784 18 Sword Art Online Lineart : Lets Play! by tokajero Sword Art Online Lineart : Lets Play! :icontokajero:tokajero 86 7 The weekend by Picolo-kun The weekend :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 15,750 247 hey there it's been a while by Picolo-kun hey there it's been a while :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 13,239 191 Kim Diehl - Soul Eater Lineart by efeitostark Kim Diehl - Soul Eater Lineart :iconefeitostark:efeitostark 11 3 The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami by Ravn73 The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami :iconravn73:Ravn73 30 0 My Inner Sanctuary by yuumei My Inner Sanctuary :iconyuumei:yuumei 23,685 702 BBC Sherlock by RhymeLawliet BBC Sherlock :iconrhymelawliet:RhymeLawliet 24 5 Sherlock: Appointment in 'Sumatra' by RhymeLawliet Sherlock: Appointment in 'Sumatra' :iconrhymelawliet:RhymeLawliet 22 4



All of my anime dreams have come true.

I think it was around summer of 2009 when I decided to watch my first anime, AIR TV, an idea that I got from this video:
AIR soon became all I thought about, so I got into anime like Clannad, Angel Beats, and Kanon swiftly after. Then a friend told me that the voice actor of Yukito Kunesaki, aka "the first voice I heard in an anime and the one that got me into more" was a famous guy by the name of Vic Mignogna, and that his more well-known animes were ones like Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood), DNAngel, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, and Ouran Highschool Host Club. I got into more of his stuff later on, like Soul Eater and Hetalia (thank god he's in Hetalia playing Greece; I couldn't have chosen anyone better!) He basically became one of the most inspirational people I've ever known.

And on one fateful day, in Collinsville, Illinois, I met him. (I'm the one on the left, cosplaying Greece)
I MET VIC MIGNOGNA!!!! by FeatherWings1638
And it was absolutely amazing.

When my friend Shy (shown in picture), a fem!Greece named Alex, and I were walking into his panel room, he just randomly walked past us. It was small, but our eyes met as he walked out. Hell, I was a foot from him and in my mind it was like I was still watching a YouTube video. Like what just happened wasn't real. And it was about to get so much better.

He started off by yelling to random Makas in the audience about how much "Daddy loved them" and talking about his new show (that he funded himself) called "Star Trek Continues" starring him as Captain Kirk, Todd Haberkorn (:bademoticon: , Italy (Joy) [V1]) as Spock, and Chuck Huber (Austria Bad Affair with Germany [V5]) as Bones (I always found that one a bit ironic). You all should check it out, though, it's pretty amazing. 
Arrow left…;

He asked if anyone had heard of it, and I took the opportunity to hold up a poster of it that I had (this one, actually; he signed it after the panel. Todd signed it the previous year.)
 Todd Haberkorn and Vic Mignogna... by FeatherWings1638
When I did, he pointed at it and yelled "YES! I LOVE THIS GIRL!" Best five seconds of my life.

Then he talked about the new animes that he was going to be in. There were only two that really stood out in my mind: The fact that he's going to be Ruby and Yang's Uncle Qrow in RWBY, and this little tidbit:


And I actually think I can guess what character he's going to play. During the panel, he said he auditioned for Black Butler when it first came out, but couldn't get a part because they said his British accent was bad. But when Black Butler II came out, they asked him to audition for Claude, but apparently his British accent was still bad (which I'm personally happy about; Claude is one creepy dude). So Vic's character has to be in the travelling circus (duh) and Vic did say he was cute. That rules out Jumbo, and I never really thought of Joker as cute, so that leaves Peter,
  who I don't think would work because he's a little kid, Dagger,  or Snake .

To be perfectly honest, I think it's going to be Snake. He's the only one who could get away with not having a British accent, mainly because no one knows where he came from. We know he's a human/snake hybrid and that he was in a freak show before the circus found him, but nothing else. He also has eight different voices he uses, including his normal one. Who else could accomplish a feat like that?

Anyway, before plunging into the questions, he said something else that immediately made me spend my last $20 on his concert CD:

I have heard so much about Fullmetal Fantasy, and I have tried to track it down for forever, and now I actually OWN A COPY. Another dream come true.

But then the questions started rolling in, and we got to hear him say some lines from his animes and sing "Brothers" for us:

Then there were stories we heard that have already spanned the globe:

Then there were new stories that I'm sure will span the globe but just need time:

And of course, the voice acting advice:

But there was one video that stood out to me, one that I believe all anime fans should hear, because this is Vic Mignogna in a nutshell, and this is something we should all carry with us, because it applies to all of us--actually, the whole world should hear this.

So, after the panel I got his concert CD signed Vic Mignogna's Concert CD by FeatherWings1638 and a wonderful picture with him. I told him that my first anime was AIR and that my favorite line was "GET AWAY FROM MY RAMEN!"

Thank God I brought a sandwich for the 2-hour wait. I would also like to thank a certain Rin Okumura cosplayer who lent me $5 to pay for the CD and helped me when my wig cap gave me trouble. I hope we can meet again!

Vic Mignogna is a wonderful person, and I was so glad that I had this once-in-a-lifetime chance. I'll never forget it, any of it, because I did it for that little seventh grader that started watching AIR so long ago. In fact, she's the reason I use this name.

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