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   There was a soft chime from the intercom at the door, and Mallory sighed, debating whether or not she felt like answering it. Tanya had designed their headquarters for function, not form, and the large, airlock-styled doors weren't exactly made for knocking on.
    The upside was that you always knew who was on the other side of the door's intercom.
    In this particular case, I can probably already guess.
    She nibbled at a hangnail absently, caught herself doing it, and scowled, irritated at her lapse.
    Nervous habits were always the worst to kick.
    She padded over to the door in her socks, the cool metal of the floor seeping into her with each step, and squashed the temptation to ask who it was.
    The door slid open with a soft whir at her touch, and she restrained a little sigh at the older drake standing in the hallway. "Duke."
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The Dreamer
    "You're a hard drake to get a hold of, Duke."
    The voice was male, with that oddly crisp way of speaking words that hinted at military training.
    Almost like they hate to waste air and time, the jewel thief thought, amused, and glanced at his old friend and mentor. Marshall was eyeing the newcomer thoughtfully: not drawing his saber yet, but there was no flicker of recognition either.
    Duke turned, almost casually handing the lockpick he held to Cutter and studying the interruption.
    He didn't recognize the drake, but he looked like something out of an army recruitment manual, right down to the tattooed stripe across his bill.
    I never understood getting inked there. What's it prove? It's about as macho as some dame getting her nails done.
    It was a popular enough thing among guys that wanted to look a little more har
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It's been wayyyyyy too long since I've had time to do anything creative, and I'm dying to work on like, four different stories.

Any preferences as to which people would like to see first?

Story #1: The ducks finally return to Puckworld via a totally obvious plot thread the animated series never bothered to use. (All six original ducks)

Story #2: Duke returns back to the BOTB. (Duke, assorted BOTB characters I haven't decided on yet)

Story #3: After six months back home, Nosedive is less than happy about being back. (Nosedive, Wildwing)

Story #4: Tanya shows up at the BOTB one night looking for Duke, trying to hide from the people she used to work for. (Tanya, Duke, Cutter)

Of these four, #1 is probably going to take the longest to write and have the most universe development/feel like an episode from the show. #2 and #3 are more about character development for the characters involved. #4 is going to go heavily into backstory for Tanya, as well as character development and a bit of backstory for Duke and Cutter.

Sorry for the long absence, there is entirely far too much paperwork involved with getting a Japanese visa and funding for study. I have been filling out scholarship forms until my eyes bleed, but it's finally paying off. RL is a demanding mistress at times.

Let me know what you'd like to read next!


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I'm a part time artist and a full time geek who decided to come back to Deviant Art after several years of being crazy busy. I'm a huge fan of Disney, Miyazaki, and several manga/anime series, and I recently joined forces with the devious :iconpoisonfeatherquill: to resurrect and reboot the old Brotherhood of the Blade site.

If you miss watching the Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series, want to see rare outtakes, promo reels, and cels from the show, or just want a dose of ducky fiction and art, head on over! In honor of the twentieth anniversary of the ducks, we've not only included all the fun old stuff from the original site, but we're rebooting the characters and writing new stuff too!


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Thank you for watching :heart: I'm happy you enjoyed my gallery, and I hope you will enjoy my future artwork. Have a nice day!

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I really appreciate it :)
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Not at all, it's well-deserved! You have a really fantastic coloring style - it's what I'd like my own coloring to look like someday. Shadows and complimentary colors and such are hard to get right! XD
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Featherwench Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2016  Professional General Artist
Ah, not at all! Well deserved compliments are well-deserved, lol. I've been so busy lately I haven't been drawing as much, and it's amazing how fast it can kinda leave you if you don't draw or color every day! Thank you, I'll keep at it, definitely! I'm not ever going to be someone that makes a living on my sketchy things, but I do love drawing. It's fun. ^^
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Don't know how good you are about checking the messages people send you, but a lunch hour spend on nostalgia googling has led me here to find you! And still using Sierra! We so need to catch up. 

Featherwench Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016  Professional General Artist
Hahaha, the same impulse led me and :iconpoisonfeatherquill: to start the whole thing up again. Just because everybody else has moved on to other things doesn't mean we can't indulge in a bit of nostalgia and scribbling, eh? There's just something about ducks that keeps sucking us all back in! XD
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