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Mull It! backstory (Fritch)
Mullitt’s Daycare Recruitment office, Mid-south Point district, the Four Points Island kingdom…
The employee, a satyr with greying beard and backwards-curving horns, had a stack of papers on his desk. He put down the one he was reviewing and rose to greet his peculiar guest.
“We-e-e-elcome to Mullitt’s, Mr. Fretcheshire,” he bleated clasping the grey-furred hand. Its two fingers and thumb were rather thick, nails painted with almost pitch-black polish.
At least the thumb’s opposable, he thought; he felt awkward when that wasn’t the case.
In front of him, the strange camel crossbreed grinned; their regular herbivore teeth somehow looked weirder than the round sunglasses, or even the fuchsia hair on their forehead. They also wore a tank top with a tuxedo print on the front and back, and a pair of khaki shorts.
“Please, call me Dervis.” Their voice was a sultry tenor, laced with the slightest middle-eastern accent. “Fretch
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Mythospective 3: SOUL Chap 11
Epilogue: After Care
Whilst most people (human or otherwise) were trying to digest the events, a team of two wyrms and one naga slipped through the crowd. As they converged on a mesmerized Poisoneye, the naga leader called out in a tinny voice:
“Firewhirl Poisoneye, daughter of Toxic Slitherer and Spring Locktrap. You are officially under arrest for war crimes, including but not limited to assassination of ministers and diplomats.”
Frowning at the mention of her full identity, the wyvern then chuffed and relaxed. Blacksnow had just arrived when his ears picked up the accusation; he approached, worried, but she blinked peacefully: “It’s okay. I killed people.”
The werewolf glared at the stoic agents, then looked back to the dragon and his ears drooped. “You were being watched by Rainer and Dampsand! Plus, the info you delivered to-”
“The information did nothing!” she hissed bitterly with a force that surprised the werewolf.
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Mythospective 3: SOUL Chap 10
Chapter 10: Split Seconds
After locating and breaking into the underwater complex, the small team knew they had to make every second count; there was little doubt their enemy had secret exits. Warrior Clawgrab had been killed along with a few other Elite Werewolves, many Kitsune Marines, one Raider Gargoyle and two wyrms.
Fortunately he and Vortex had had ample time to triangulate Dampsand; knowledge of the base’s layout was all they needed before the others could trap him. Three trunkos used their sonar to help them map out the inside; one qalupalik, one tengu and two kelpies transported everyone to the desired locations. The real operation began, following the plan improvised by Splitfire.
The corridors of the complex were about five meters wide and four high; Blacksnow sprinted along one of them. His lungs stung and his legs felt like they were on fire, Critter was on his heels, clutching the small mind-controlling egg in her lower hands. Chasing them was
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Mythospective 3: SOUL Chap 9
Chapter 9: Dream Team
The answer came from a worldwide network of dream-dwellers.
The Sleeper Agents Team was mainly composed of djinns and baku, with ghosts and shamans from the human side. They had been monitoring events on the psychic plane, mainly public opinion and the recruitment of mental support, pretty much since the beginning. Impressions and opinions were harder to interpret than actions, however, so they had refrained from speaking up until things started clicking together.
Prompted by Barut, her vampire friend Horlar accepted to speak as a representative of the Network.
She told the Council and the youth group that the bulk of Dampsand’s plans were taking place underwater. The area was painted in blood and sulphur, bearing bits of steel with traces of petrol, reputed to be impassable. It was also filled with memories of the ex-Elite werewolf’s youth, which he’d spent as a human child and adolescent -- not unlike Blacksnow. But the similarity
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Mythospective 3: SOUL Chap 8
Chapter 8: Council Counsel
For the first time in Spearbone’s knowledge, his volcanic lair was crowded with creatures of various species, including the humans Esra Özatay and Chakotay Boothby. Representatives (aides, generals and commanders) of the Council were gathered to coordinate the assault, decide on communication codes and emergency plans.
A similar conference was taking place in the Turkish State Cemetery among creatures not affiliated with the Council, such as Yaren or Ali Apari. Each participant was still subjected to Toprak and Steamer’s mental evaluation, the dragon keeping his earthen form for this purpose. Their group was big enough to turn into an official subdivision of the Council, which Fiona had tentatively named the Youth Confederacy.
Both parties were made aware of an interesting development: the artifact found by Boothby was likely one of the mind-controlling eggs, the ones that had helped Toprak find the Yukikaze. Severely degraded from exp
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YouTrek - search and rescue hovercopter by FeatherSpiral YouTrek - search and rescue hovercopter :iconfeatherspiral:FeatherSpiral 0 0
Mythospective 3: SOUL Chap 7
Chapter 7: Spirit Duel
Several kilometers away from the portal leading to the Pico del Este radar station, Leifa was searching around a rocky cliff when he was jumped by Dampsand himself. Neither of them said a word; they let magic, claws and teeth do the talking, with the dragon’s tail intervening once in a while.
The battle raged on for a long time; human authorities were likely to be alerted and on the way, but the belligerents seemed evenly matched. They both perfectly mastered their elements -- the choking hazard of elusive sand was kept at bay by dazzling white-hot electricity. While the former had the strength of youth and his Elite Werewolf training, the latter's awesome power was backed up by a Dragon Elder’s experience. One was swift and slinky, escaping every attempt to grip; the other had a strong bulk covered in thick scales, near-impossible to even scrape.
Sent to inform the Chinese dragon of his son's battle against Poisoneye and its outcome, Gérard was
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Mythospective 3: SOUL Chap 6
Chapter 6: Mind Games
It was rare that a young, flesh-and-blood Eastern dragon show up in a volcanic lair. Even rarer was hearing such a dragon ask a decomposing cadaver for help.
The airplane reactor noise whistled: “It’s been so long since I have had unexpected guests.
Toprak shook his head, staring into the black, pupilless eyes. “Can’t tell me you weren’t expecting guests in a time of crisis.”
Oh, I was. But I didn’t think you knew where I live.” Spearbone extended a torn wing and made a sweeping motion. “Forgive the mess, I haven’t had time to tidy it up.
The rocky room was almost entirely bare, aside from a few items that seemed to have some significance to the undead dragon; only a small number of them seemed to have practical use. There were mostly pictures, many seemingly drawn by children; millennia-old and rare coins, which must’ve cost many ancient humans their lives;
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YouTrek - shuttle Headcanon concept by FeatherSpiral YouTrek - shuttle Headcanon concept :iconfeatherspiral:FeatherSpiral 0 0 Forgotten sketches by FeatherSpiral Forgotten sketches :iconfeatherspiral:FeatherSpiral 0 0
In The Starfleet Now
An away team on a foreign planet,
The entire ship is on Red Alert
You're in the Starfleet now, oh-ooh-oh you're in the Starfleet, now
Now you remember what the admiral said,
Not a moment all day to think of bed
You're in the Starfleet now, oh-ooh-oh you're in the Starfleet, now
You'll be an ensign on a nice starship,
Hostile aliens are the iceberg's tip
You're in the Starfleet now, oh-ooh-oh you're in the Starfleet, now
Smiling faces on your first mission,
But once you get there, all is confusion
You're in the Starfleet now, oh-ooh-oh you're in the Starfleet, now
Photon grenades beamed into your vessel
Torpedoes flying at your vessel,
If you want to survive, keep shields at full
You're in the Starfleet now, oh-ooh-oh you're in the Starfleet, now
Shots ring out in the dead of space,
The captain calls 'All hands brace!'
You're in the Starfleet now, oh-ooh-oh you're in the Starfleet, now
You've got your orders, phaser set to stun,
Your finger's on the trigger, but the web is spun
You're i
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Mythospective 3: SOUL Chap 5
Chapter 5: Fairy Ghostfather
The place looked like it hadn’t been lived in for about a decade. The thin sheet of dust on the floor forced the four wolves, Critter and gulyabani to walk slowly, while two elves floated ahead to scout the large home. Barut stood guard in the parking lot and four wyrms hid under the apartment lawn flanking its front door.
Blacksnow looked a bit disappointed. “Seems like my father’s business didn’t go well while I was… away.”
Splitfire wanted to hear more, but kept quiet and focused on searching the lounge. The young wolf didn’t often talk about his former life; it was best to let him decide what to say and when.
“Bullet holes,” Howlingfang noted somberly. “It’s safe to assume humans have been in here to cause mayhem a few years ago.”
The Critter roamed the room looking for something she couldn’t quite grasp. Steamer squinted and crept towards the long corridor to find the source
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Discourse (fan/gift art) by FeatherSpiral Discourse (fan/gift art) :iconfeatherspiral:FeatherSpiral 0 0
Mythospective 3: SOUL Chap 4
Chapter 4: Inside The Box
Vortex had calmed down somewhat. Even though he was still tensely padding around in his containment field, his nose and tail practically sweeping the floor.
At least he’d been able to tell Goliath that help was on the way; it was meager relief, but it had to do. After all, his trainer had taught him to tackle grievances in order. Right now, until they were rescued, there was nothing for them to do.
Nothing but wait and think.
The djinn, held inside a cell with its own forcefield, had been thinking a lot and occasionally sharing a thought or two.
Interestingly, they hadn’t been severely harmed since the fight in the desert. Their captors had gone to great lengths to keep them in one piece, even during the small ‘incident’ where the prisoners had managed to break free and fight back for some time. The trio, a human wizard and two gargoyles, had merely kept them under control with a mix of Confusion magic and fire. According to Goliath, th
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Vertigo by TinTans Vertigo :icontintans:TinTans 48 22 PussyCat's Letter to Santa by o-kemono PussyCat's Letter to Santa :icono-kemono:o-kemono 89 13 Life's A Chibi: A Negative into a Positive by o-kemono Life's A Chibi: A Negative into a Positive :icono-kemono:o-kemono 259 28 Life's A Chibi: The absence of happiness by o-kemono Life's A Chibi: The absence of happiness :icono-kemono:o-kemono 556 55 Life's A Chibi: Jealousy over Ability by o-kemono Life's A Chibi: Jealousy over Ability :icono-kemono:o-kemono 458 30 Life's A Chibi: Trashing Projects by o-kemono Life's A Chibi: Trashing Projects :icono-kemono:o-kemono 559 52 My Brother and Me by weremagnus My Brother and Me :iconweremagnus:weremagnus 242 14 Batober/Inktober Week 2 by weremagnus Batober/Inktober Week 2 :iconweremagnus:weremagnus 180 6 The Brothers Moon Tavern Selfie by weremagnus The Brothers Moon Tavern Selfie :iconweremagnus:weremagnus 525 23 Xvees by weremagnus Xvees :iconweremagnus:weremagnus 232 12 Jurassic Celebrity by Jurassiczalar Jurassic Celebrity :iconjurassiczalar:Jurassiczalar 404 46 DigimonCollab: Exveemon by weremagnus DigimonCollab: Exveemon :iconweremagnus:weremagnus 403 16 Crochet Rammus by nyalothep Crochet Rammus :iconnyalothep:nyalothep 3 20 Celeste by luminaura Celeste :iconluminaura:luminaura 242 7 Tech Support 2 by artwork-tee Tech Support 2 :iconartwork-tee:artwork-tee 40 12 Feliz Navidad by artwork-tee Feliz Navidad :iconartwork-tee:artwork-tee 44 5


My first reaction was: "Whoever he's talking to, I hope he won't invite her to dinner!" Cuz, y'know, the meal would be a hassle to obta...




Reminder that I've been accepting writing commissions for nearly two-and-a-half years by now.

I just got my first client and submitted their order this past week!
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not tellin' my name!
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
DOING COMMISSIONS! ephesus-the-cornish-poet.tumbl…

Geneticist and biotechnologist by education, rebel by choice and dreamer from birth.
Fan of SciFi and Fantasy for the most part.

Writing seems to be my true purpose. Every night, my imagination keeps me awake for hours at a time (mostly story ideas).
I do both prose and poetry, as you can see from my gallery. And a few valuable friends have received poems as gifts from me before.

I'm also an aspiring adviser.
People have shared problems and secrets with me, a few of which I successfully counseled them about. You've no idea how many things sound obvious but don't occur to people when they're down.
I also hope to make everyone understand how heartless it is to tell someone to "suck it up" or "grow a pair" and take things without complaint. While it's true that emotions can be kept in check (which is learned behavior), you don't just bully someone into outright shutting them.

That being said, I'm not one to mince words when I know I'm right. Once I've made up my mind, you can be sure I've given it all due thought.
And if you've had an argument with me, you've surely seen how much I prefer CIVILIZED debates, not cynical bickering. Either you've noticed I was being respectful until insulted, or you haven't because you're an asshole and blind as all hell. Only exceptions are subjects on which I get a lot of hatred, which make me likelier to overreact (see above paragraph about emotion control being learned, same applies to overreacting).

I also try to switch points of view and keep a neutral approach, because there are ALWAYS two (or more) sides to a story. It's immature to assume that one is right just because they receive more support, or because evidence seems to prove them right on the surface.
And if I think I'm being misunderstood, I WILL make an explanation to clear things up. I'm not responsible if you choose to ignore the correction and stay stuck up.



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Do I know you outside of DA? or you just saw me and thought to follow. anyway, nice to meet you! What was the thing of mine that caught your eye?
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Yeah, we've met on tumblr, I'm feathery-dreamer there. Many moons ago I commented on your post about going back to vet school, saying it was hell.
(And speaking of hell, I know of your -other- tumblr and have seen your art on other websites.)
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You're very welcome, and that's fine. I haven't been very active on here recently, tbh.
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> Just because a man regrets having sex with a woman does not mean it's rape.
I'd like to remind you that "taking advantage" is the act itself, "regret" is after that. Not the only instance of you misusing a word to accommodate yourself, but still as sad.

> Do I think that what she did was acceptable? Of course not.
Good to see we're on the same wavelength on this one particular aspect.

> However, I do not accept it as rape
I never said it had to be, either. At least not just because of his age and how he felt.
I just find it suspicious that she never told him.

> and I believe that 14-year-olds should take responsibility for their actions.
But grown adult women shouldn't. Okay.
Also, you can't take responsibility for a consequence before you know it occurred.


> I asked you to stop replying, and you continue to harass me with anti-woman rhetoric.

Anti-feminism is not anti-woman. In fact, feminism is currently the one most anti-woman institution in our culture:…
Also yes, you asked me to stop replying - after showering me with accusations and putting word after word in my mouth. Basically, you made a fuss about the smallest thing I said, then demanded that I stop correcting you about me.
Looks like I am not the harassing one, by far.
> This is precisely why I left this group.
You left this group because you were incapable of accepting that you sometimes get worked up over shit you don't even understand. Good riddance.

> What I am saying, what you are refusing to acknowledge, is that people and institutions (I.E. the MRM) don't take that into account.

You are right, people and institutions don't take into account that good and bad men exist. They automatically assume that men are the offenders, even when evidence is massively in favor of their innocence.
You are wrong, however, to assume that the MRM is among those institutions.
Good job flipping the script without even bothering to check whether it's still true or not.

> -Paul Elam,

AKA an example of an MRA recognized as a misogynist even by anti-feminists.
Even then, he has done more to help men than any raging feminist has done to help oppressed women in the Middle-East.

> And I've just showed you how there is no systematic bias against men in this area.
No, you simply stated it.

> You believe that...
No, I don't. I actually understand this is a statistical generality, not an absolute fact. Unlike you.
With that said, there is massive bias, and if you refuse to see it just because it's on tumblr, you are a moron.

> Your best source is Tumblr?

No, my best source logic.
Tumblr is just a platform I use for it, because I'm tired of visiting dozens of different websites on my slow-as-fuck lagtop just to support the same arguments over and over again against willfully ignorant dimwits like you.
Once more, you didn't even check a link before casting your judgment on it. Small wonder you sound so sheltered.

> However, if you want blogs, I'll give you blogs, along with some reliable sources.

You can cherry-pick examples of MRAssholes, but feminazis are much more numerous to behave the exact same way. I don't even need to look at the most popular ones, but that makes no difference whatsoever.
Furthermore, the MRM is nowhere as influential as feminism among the general public and popular environment. The statements and quotes you provided are hardly consequential in the real world. Unlike their feminist counterparts, which can result in real-world actions.

> who wrote an article giving advice on why you should beat your girlfriend & how you can get away with it
Jezeebel feminazis made an article where they boast about having beat up their boyfriends. Another man was abused by his girlfriend who would post photos of his bruises as "trophies" and was cheered for it by feminists.
Methinks those articles were just satire meant to stir up discussion. Besides, AVFM may be popular, but hardly has any political influence.

>-Erin Pizzey
That awkward moment when one of your "misogynists" is a woman who actually has studied female violence and even had firsthand experience. Every "misogynistic" thing Pizzey ever says is a direct consequence of feminist actions, not patriarchal or MRA influence.

> “Women are the most socially privileged, unabled, propped up & federally funded group in the western world.”
That is not expression of hatred of women, it's a statement of fact. You might think "unabled" goes too far, but feminism really does unable women from thinking and speaking for themselves. See link on top.

> [feminist links]
I thought you said you'd provide reliable sources.…

> Actually, feminists fought for the male birth control pill, not against it. MRAs fought against it, saying it was sexism toward men.
Let me guess - some popular feminist website provided you this bit of (mis)information?

> What an earth will we feminists be blamed for next, global warming? The recession? Or maybe world famine?
No, antifeminists are not generally lunatics who blame feminism for anthropic influence.
Men, though, have been blamed for these things at one point or another. Wars were pointed at as being proof of "toxic masculinity", homophobia and racism were turned into "extensions of misogyny"...
Yes, even poverty and pollution were blamed on the "patriarchy". Strange that feminists argue women would've done things differently, yet saying women's image as more caring is a patriarchal construct.

> You claim that because this boy chose to have sex with a woman, that he was taken advantage of.

For the last. Fucking. Time.
I claim that if this boy's will was weakened by emotion, he was taken advantage of. There are three details you are conveniently blind to here:
1- Emotional weakness is a thing, and it's even harder to deal with because people won't notice it. You are a fine example of that - you are so certain that the boy freely chose to have sex. To you, a boy would have to be intoxicated to the point of unconsciousness, or forcefully restrained, just for it to count as "taking advantage".
It is feminists, not MRAs or their sympathizers, who claim that every sort of straight sex is "rape" of a woman - even when she chooses it.
2- I say "as far as you know". That was very clearly a theoretical statement. I never asserted that it was the case.
Not that you'd know the difference. Everything is clear-cut to you, there is no room for reasonable doubt or theorizing in your thick-walled skull.
3- After the comment with the "as far as you know" bit, I did not once mention the sexual intercourse part again. Only the fact that the woman didn't tell the father she was pregnant.

> There are many forms, and some are consensual
If it's consensual, it's not "taking advantage of". If your will is weakened, your "yes" is not consent.
Small wonder you keep thinking I call all sex "rape".

> Having no interest whatsoever in the child's mother, getting her pregnant, and then dumping her...

1- If he had no interest in her, then she clearly initiated sexual relationship. That's her responsibility, not his.
3- Which also means he didn't "dump her", considering he never was interested in a relationship.
2- He didn't know she was pregnant. You seem to have trouble understanding this. Either that, or you aren't even interested in knowing the facts once you made up an opinion.
This whole paragraph is about you justifying a grown woman not telling a boy he's a father. In other words: "She was right in not informing him she was pregnant, seeing he left her while she was pregnant!"

> yet he didn't bother to keep up with her in the least.
...and she did? She, a grown woman who cared so much about this little boy that she was ready to fuck him to make him happier, kept contact with him afterwards?
Amazing how you pretend to try to be neutral, yet hold the boy alone responsible for what they both did.

> Feminists have done far more than MRAs have without the government's support and in these last couple decades.

Are... Have you been living these decades on the moon?
Feminism is one of the movements that has the largest government support in the world. For someone who values "reliable sources", you sure make some shady claims.

> MRAs are whiny man-children who complain on the internet.
I would provide counter-examples, but I already did and you flatly waved them off.
> But it can't be argued that they're idle.
No indeed. Feminists have done a lot to stop attempts to achieve any kind of equality they don't approve of.

> No child is unwanted. There is always someone who wants them. [...] crisis pregnancies
ROTFL. You actually overtly contradicted your own pathetic little self, princess. In the same paragraph.
> men's shelters
I'm curious to know how many of those there actually are, and how widely known they are. Betcha I can count them on my fingers.
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