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Symbols of Luck and Welfare

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Published: June 9, 2006
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This is a highly symbolic piece, my most worked-through this far.


The colibri or hummingbird is an ancient symbol of happiness and appreciation. Its fast movement and seemingly unlimited motivation has given it its respect among people of all times. In native American cultures it is a bird of truth and beauty, and several gods are dressed in its feathers as symbols of magic.
Its importance in this picture is its happiness, that all friends deserve.

The pink carnation is a symbol of gratitude. Its numerous petals represent eternity.
Its importance is that everyone has their friends to thank for milions of things, that without them we would not be as happy as we are with them and their company.

The clover has one four leaf clover to show everyone. The four leaf clover is a symbol for luck in most cultures. Such a clover which is preserved is thought to give its owner luck for as long as the clover is intact. This digital four leaf clover will not be destroyed until the picture and all its copies are destroyed, which we hope will take several and even more years.
Its importance is that no matter who one is friends with, we all with them luck.

The little giraffe is my little giraffe character Smulis. She is a symbol of kindness in my own eyes, and an important part of this picture.
=Shiaine suggested some tima ago that I should use Smulis as I use the little ladybug for a signature. I thought it was a really neat idea, and as she fitted into this picture and its symbolism, I drew her ^^*

The cherry flowers are so beautiful and pure, so I let them symbolise friendship. They also bloom during the season of spring, when my birthday is, so I guess one can say that they also represent me, the artist, a little as well.

The ladybug is my little signature of sorts. I have used it in many of my most recent pictures, so I thought that it was too much of a little signature to not use in this picture.
It is also a symbol of luck, so I kep it just as much for the resons stated under the clover ^^*

The turtle is a symbol of long life and regularity. In some cultures, it is also thought that a turtle carries the Earth and lifts it towards the reviving sun.
Its importance in this picture is that I wish everyone who have toched me a happy, long life, filled with luck and happiness.

The koi fish is an Aisian symbol of devotion and sucess due to its ability to travel up for strong currents. Generally it symbolizes patience and longevity but also braveness.


Details can be found here.


I just edited some typos.
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the-winter-girlProfessional Digital Artist
nice artwork :D
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BogivryStudent General Artist
This makes me smile thank you for creating & sharing! :heart:
vulpixfairy's avatar
reminds me of a project i had to do in college :) this is a beautiful painting! i could spend hours admiring the details...

signed by the vulpixfairy :rose:
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MelissaGriffinHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow,this one Is my favorite.You paint so well you know?
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:heart: I love that pic!
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Du är ju helt otrolig. Det här är en av de vackraste bilder jag sett på länge. Verkligen jättefina detaljer. absolut :+fav:!
Feathers-of-Love's avatar
Man tackar ödmjukast för de fina orden <3
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DeeTayStudent Writer
Oh my gawd :o

*Pokes the little giraffe and the shiny balloons* O_O XD Luff that part xD
I love all of it by the way, very well made and what a nice thought :aww:
She'd better love it :)
Feathers-of-Love's avatar
Aww, thank you n___n Your comment made my day <3
DeeTay's avatar
DeeTayStudent Writer
You're most welcome, I luff your art =)
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ilovegravyProfessional Interface Designer
gorgeous, gorgeous work!! :omg: :clap: all the details in this are amazing!! :heart: and I love the cute little touches you added, like Smulis floating around there, and the hummingbird :love: awesome job!! :)
Feathers-of-Love's avatar
Thank you so much for your uplifting comment <3
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GaladrielElvenQueenProfessional General Artist
very lovely, nice job. I love the detail, if I hadn't hav full-viewed I would've never noticed the little giraffe :)
GaladrielElvenQueen's avatar
GaladrielElvenQueenProfessional General Artist
you're welcome :)
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Oh, this is goregeous!
I love the detail on the flower's petals!
Feathers-of-Love's avatar
Thank you ^^* A lot of time went into that ^^*
smiling-sheepdog's avatar
AHHHHH cool idea with the turtle and the fish in the vase it's soooooo cute....oh and the humming bird really cute aswell. If they have names let me knoe :+fav:
Feathers-of-Love's avatar
Aww, thank you ^^*

They do not have any names though ;0;
smiling-sheepdog's avatar
Can i call the turtle poppet
Feathers-of-Love's avatar
If you want to, sure ^^*
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