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I love tea.
Do you?


Just a small stamp I made because I have discovered what a fun thing stamps are. I collect them in real life, so why not on deviantART as well?

Dedicated to my dear and tea-drinking friend, =vilhelmina. The world would be at such a loss without you dear.

This stamp is free for everyone to use on deviantART, on one condition. You have to love tea!
Red or black, green or herbal. All teas are just as unique as the people drinking them!

:tea: This stamp has been featured in the January 25th, 2008, News Article "A Cup of Love,": [link]

:tea:This stamp has been featured in the March 25th, 2008, News Article "Always Time For Tea,": [link]
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HomuraAkemi18's avatar
HomuraAkemi18|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like fruit tea, but not other teas for some reason, and the thing is I live in the South so everyone calls me crazy because I'm not big on tea xD Such a pretty stamp, btw! <3
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II-edison-II's avatar
II-edison-II|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That plus shortbread equals epic win
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RaccoonTwin-3's avatar
RaccoonTwin-3|Hobbyist General Artist
This is just what I need in the winter: a nice cup of tea, good literature on my iPad, & something good on TV.
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SuperSaiya-jinwolf's avatar
I love drinking tea. <3
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Woolly-Socks's avatar
I really love tea! I have tried tea , green tea , camomile tea..and I am on a journey to discover more unique and delicious teas! I really like the colors of your stamp! x

- Woolly Socks

How do I copy + paste this onto my devianart page? :3
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wintryautumn's avatar
We all love tea. We all do.
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2points4honesty's avatar
2points4honesty|Hobbyist General Artist
cute ^_^
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NatsukiNeko's avatar
NatsukiNeko|Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmm Nothing better than a cup of tea ^^
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xChristina27x's avatar
xChristina27x|Hobbyist Photographer
Your beautiful piece of art has been featured here! ---> [link] <---

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Nauges's avatar
I love tea too! :la:
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QuintessentialArts's avatar
I have featured your lovely stamp in my journal: [link]
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PirLic3's avatar
I'm a tea lover. :tea: :heart:
And I'm using this. Thanks for making!
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SilverWolfDimitrix's avatar
SilverWolfDimitrix|Hobbyist General Artist
I :heart: tea! :D

Wonderful stamp! The green really suits the tea cup! ;)
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HelenaRey's avatar
HelenaRey|Hobbyist Photographer
Using, this one is my favorite stamp. 8D :heart:
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cupoft34's avatar
cupoft34|Hobbyist Photographer
That's so sweet you love me. Thx! :p Nice stamp! :tea:
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Totalrandomness's avatar
Totalrandomness|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh I love this stamp so much ... It's so gorgeous :) And I wish I liked tea so I could use it ... I'd feel hypocritical putting it my journal :P
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MissBezz's avatar
MissBezz|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh, best stamp ever. :tea: :heart:
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Nemisor's avatar
Nemisor|Hobbyist Writer
Oh I aboslutely love tes. I remember our trip to China, they had best green tea there that I have ever tasted in my life.
I'm drinking tea right now. 'Lucky Elephant' ^^
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anime-p-tish-oO's avatar
This stamp is so cute!
Tea is my favorite drink to have <3
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beeurd's avatar
beeurd|Hobbyist General Artist
Mmm, tea. Well designed stamp too! :D
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foggyday's avatar
Black tea for me! :tea: :+favlove:
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BlahblahblahGEISHA's avatar
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tiger1526's avatar
*gasp* YES!! i do! =D
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