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Hi guys, long time no chat.  

I am starting to figure out a few more intricacies of deviantart.  I just figured out how to give llamas.  Yeah...took me a while.  

Anyways, I finally actually looked into what a Super Group is.  I have never actually played around with points either.  I keep seeing all these people running point donation pools.  I decided to start a point donation pool to raise points to buy the 12 month Super Group subscription to upgrade the features of feathers-n-kinks.  I think the upgrade would go along with the quality art I try to keep stocked in this group.  My only difficulty is that I don't know how to set up the donation pool on the group site, so until someone can tell me how to do that, I have it running on my regular page here: .  

Do you think upgrading feathers-n-kinks to a Super Group would be worth it?  Do you want to see more features and what kinds would you like to see?

Here's a quick comment that I provided but figured it should actually be mentioned in the journal itself: I found that the transference rate is something like 80 points equals 1 US dollar.  The Super Group subscription is usually 9,600 points, but they are running some kind of a discount.  I don't know  how long that discount will run for and I doubt I'll make the discount amount in time to catch it, so I set the points to the regular cost of the group.  I think it's something like $120 for the 12 months.  Giving llamas is free, but points costs actual money (I have no problem giving people llamas) I don't know if anyone will actually want to contribute real money to this kind of group just to have the home page and gallery look a little nicer.
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Glamourous, beautiful art of the human form as portrayed through photography and artistic renditions inclusive of male, female, hetero, bi, gay, lesbian, trans, kink, fetish, writings, etc. Speak a story through a lens, tell a tale through a brush.
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About us

Welcome to feathers-n-kinks.

This is a site dedicated to adult and mature content.

Major rule here! If you submit art, it must be DA allowable content! Check DA's rules if you are
not sure if it is allowable.

This is a spot to enjoy art in the various forms of romance, love, lust, "carnal" love, bdsm, fetish,
kink, fantasy, strait, lesbian, gay, trans, bi, yaoi, yuri, get the picture.

Looking over the galleries, I have come to realize that the images that tend to be put into the folders almost worship the bodies being portrayed. There is an element to the lighting, color, contrast, the suppleness or rigidity of the body, an emotional conveyance that floats about the images. When looking for your best works, look for these things, look for an image that really can tell a story through just one frame. If you do notice, there has yet to be any images of male or female lower genetalia in the galleries. The reason being that an image is there to suggest, to tease out a feeling in the viewer, to lead the mind down it's own paths of imagination. When submitting your art, look through what you have to find that story in a lens or tale in a brush stroke, suggest, tease, weave a narrative through your image, and that is when this line of images turns from lurid exploitation to substantial, beautiful art.

Submit your best art. I'm aiming for this to be a group of beauty in this particular field.
Art needs to be clean - i.e. get your pixels right (smooth lines, decent cell shading, good proportions)
Photography needs to be clean - i.e. good resolution, decent lighting, touch ups, smooth it out.
Just as a general understanding - the admin is subscribed to (watches) something around 20+ other groups for the content found here and goes though 10,000+ images a week to find THE BEST of those images in the other groups. Your material is judged against that. Out of 10,000+ images reviewed a week, only 1-5 are ever considered good enough to get into this gallery. If you are submitting work, make sure that it fits with what the galleries look like and is your absolute best work. To have your image included in Feathers-n-Kinks is to have the label of superb excellence on your art, to be featured is a Pièce de résistance. Aim high.

Play fair with your fellow human. This is a group of acceptance, no bashing on people for their style
of art. Keep your cursing to a minimum. If someone asks for a critique, be courteous and constructive
in your reply.

Again, welcome!


If you are looking for more excellent works, check out our affiliates.

Gallery Folders


Mature Content

Binding Birds by EroticVisions
obedient.seer by TalisinArtworkx
teasing.stretch by TalisinArtworkx
sketch243 by kuzuhara
Women - Photography

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*** by Tarasov

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Elegy by MissSouls

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No title by fb101

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Roarie Yum by Scottworldwide
Women Photography - Lingerie

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Helena by grodpro

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Just Feelings by ArtofdanPhotography
Ksenia by art0fCK
Red by CarolineMadison
Men - Photography
mirko.koeckenberger...arching by TalisinArtworkx by TalisinArtworkx
Karel by zlty-dodo
after surf by Torsal
Lesbian Photography

Mature Content

game by DanHecho

Mature Content

Christina and Shelly 1 by ExposeMePhotography

Mature Content

Czech girls playing by MarcBergmann

Mature Content

Shadow Play by BlackSunRising
Gay Photography
holding hands and black sheet by thedreamismine
Surrender by UFPhotography
Embrace by RyanBookerPhoto
Suit Love by RBaumung
Hetero Photography

Mature Content

why by RobertGorzycki
Morning by NataliaCiobanu

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... by Solus-Photography

Mature Content

Heat by GeheimnisBild
Mark of Sin (October 2015 Patreon) by DragonReine

Mature Content

Lucy Rabbit by luciekout
Stein's Got His Hanes On by DiamonEyes

Mature Content

Hope - bluez3 by grodpro
Nina Dobrev wet giatrus-74 by Giatrus-74
Burlesque' Lust by MishimaHaiku
Retro Room by LienSkullova
~not for you~ by SL-Picture
Dom Sub

Mature Content

STLD My sweet revenge by Orpheelin
Kinky Men
entanglement by TalisinArtworkx
Kinky Women

Mature Content

Moment by Lleye
More than 2
The Boys - Suit Gone by FuzzyYak
Men - Drawn
sketch240 by kuzuhara
Women - Drawn
Light by Nad4r
Gay Drawn
Romance in the Rain by JonathanChanutomo
Lesbian Drawn

Mature Content

Caitlyn and Kris by JonathanChanutomo
Hetero Drawn
COMMISSION: Merin and Koal (oc by Sheleth) by MartinaSaviane

Mature Content

Lilach and Jeskel by DocWendigo
Etc. Art
A Sea To Suffer In by CrowsReign





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