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Meet Mary - Pinup

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This... started out as a joke. LOL I named her Mary Sue when I first created her because I was being a smart ass... . I was poking fun at characters; canon/fanon/original/what have you, that are ridiculously perfect/powerful in every single way imaginable... Now I actually like her design, go figure. XD

This is basically the first colour test for Mary. Overall I like it, but I'm not entirely sure about the purple for the wings.

Artwork and design © C.Frost
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:iconawwwplz:She's CUTE-TASTIC!!
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Aww, no comments yet so I shall start!
I dont know why you're unsure about the wing color, I think it works very well.
Her overall colors are fairly soft/gentle, so I think it works well with them.
I also like how she has a fuller figure (ie with her thighs, hips, midriff).
I'm not a fan of overly skinny gals, so I like this.