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~Little Yellow Bikini~

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It's been a while since I've posted anything over here, sorry about that guys. So anyway, I figured I should probably post some of the stuff I've been uploading over on FA and Weasyl off and on for the  past several months. It's not much, but it's something I guess. And it's somewhat fitting that I'm starting with this since it's getting closer to summer.


So I was bored and decided I wanted to draw a butt icon of one of my OCs. So here's Tanaquil in a yellow bikini.

This was fun. I should do more of these. XD;

Tanaquil and Artwork belongs to me
Please do not repost this artwork or use my characters without prior written permission first.
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Tanaquil is so beautiful!
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Thank you. :) She's one of my oldest existing characters.
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Does she like cuddles much?
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Tanaquil is very cuddly. She's a hugger. Her favourite thing to hug is big, floofy tails.
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I'm a chameleon, but I hope she'll enjoy my belly rubs… :3