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Just posting some stuff I've had sitting on my FA account for a while.


A pic that I did quite a while back but only recently got around to colouring. Mainly because my friend Herisheft told me to so here it is. :P

Tanaquil and Artwork is © feathers-n-fluff / masqueadrift / C Frost
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© 2016 - 2021 Feathers-n-Fluff
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TANA! Long time since I seen your character! :D I miss you and Roxxy! :p 
Nice work as always. :D
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Hii! I'm terrible, I've been neglecting this account in favor of the account I use to post my transformers and mlp fanart crap to. lol That and FA. I feel bad about that but I just don't draw as much anymore thanks to my disabilities. ANYWAY! Thanks! :D This is an older pic but I still really like how it turned out. :3
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Your welcome and No problem. BTW, I'm Brandi if you remember that old DA account. ^^;
I've been doing a lot of Transformers and mlp myself as of late. I think I saw your other account with transformers. Nice job. :D
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Oh gosh I do remember you! Wow, it's been ages. lol Sorry this is so late, I kinda forget about this account a lot since I tend to draw more TF/MLP related crap than furry. lol Yeah, my tf stuff is usually posted over on my Masqueadrift account, mainly because at the time I created it and started getting into the fandom, I was embarrassed about it or something? *shrug* I don't really care anymore. lol Thank you, btw. I have way too much fun with the stupid fan stuff than anything else. XD
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TANA!!!!!!!!!! I miss you chica!!!
This is so pretty ^_^ Tana ish adorable
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Hehe! Miss  you too! And thanks :D It took me ages to colour this darn thing. xDD
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