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Tickled By A Pen

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Does any one know who made this if so please leave a comment with the name of the creator.
I found this on a website but it didn't say who it was by.
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I might be incredibly late! :lmao: But there's a Photobucket account that has most of his classic animations:

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Mmmmmmm I've always loved these tickling GIFs - the girls all look amazingly INSANELY ticklish! ;)
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Sometimes Tickle Tickle posts here
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LOL, the pen must be possesed
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ive seen lots of these at the tickling media forum, not sure who its by though
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The artist used the nickname "Tickle Tickle" .
He was at tickletickle@bol.com.br , and
for a while he had a websites at
[link] and
[link] .

I had a number of his animated .gif's on a website in 2002 (with permission). Right now I count 36 animations from this artist on my hard drive. There are at least a few more, I believe.

(Any Orkut members in Brasil reading this... ?)

I would be very glad to get in contact with this artist. His work was remarkable.
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I tried your links but i didn;t see anyhting
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Yeah, "he had websites".
They've been gone for awhile, unfortunately.
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ugh is there anywhere to find him or them at all?
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Not that I know of.

Orkut is a Myspace-type site that is very popular in Brasil. I put that old info up there in case some Orkut member wanted to search for the artist. I wish I had another idea of how to reach him...
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Mmhmm too bad I knw no spanish.
hey if you find it do you think you could link me?
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I used past tense in my first post here 'cause I'm no longer in contact with this artist. I asked for Orkut members 'cause I'm not one. Having gone to the trouble of providing all of the information I have, it stands to reason that I have no OTHER way to contact the artist. I don't speak Portuguese, thus my repeated mention of Brasil.
And - after a few years passing, and no contact with the artist, I'm not going to find him. My e-mail address is the same as it was since the late 90's - and he has not chosen to communicate - or my original post about the artist wouldn't have sounded so, y'know, PAST TENSE.

If by some miracle he becomes aware of the complete lack of reading comprehension in this exchange, perhaps he'll find someone who can decipher it for him, and he'll "link" you.

You've made me regret providing information and replies.
Fool me once...
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sorry it was a simple misread thanks for that though.
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I always loved this gif. Her facial expression is priceless.
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That would be so tickly. LOL.
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do you have any of your own art?


Check out my gallery
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Shamfully not I gave up on drawing because of something that happened recently.
It's ok though cause I can always hassle zhady to draw me something cause if he doesn't i'll sik yunie on him lol
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Clicked on the link and it didn't work...

Try this one, and click tickletickle.

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If you liked that, here is the russian site with a great huge mess of these...

the creator of them is unknown...but hopefully some imitators will get spawned up.

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