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Well, lets start with my favorite part, the Rose. I love the depth from the color splash of white within the rose giving it a very real...

For this piece I really enjoyed that you broke it up a little with layering of separate pieces, yet still making them look as if they f...

I have observed a lot of your work, but I must say my favorite part of this piece is the reflective light look it has on the high right...

I can definitely feel shared longing for winter to end in this work. Even with the snowman's eyes actually looking like they are sad (i...

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Come forth my Enemies
Welcome! Welcome!one and all,
I see you must have heard the call
and now you've come to claim my head,
but I wont be the one joining the dead.
For all my enemies have come to me,
and I carve their names in the dead man's tree.
I will tell the world, you all died well
and I will even buy the first round in hell
So thank you for accepting my invitation
I shall make your deaths quick without hesitation 
You must have known the price you'd  pay 
for being foolish enough to get in my way
:iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 1 0
Diving Deeper by Feast4daBeast Diving Deeper :iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 3 0 PIKACHU by Feast4daBeast PIKACHU :iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 15 1
To lose you was to lose the sun,
to be forced in a war that can't be won.
A battle between my heart and mind,
and no sanity for which to find.
Time has changed nothing for me,
next to you is the only place I wish to be.
The years pass by but I can't forget,
and so in this lonely darkness I sit.
Finding no joy in this world without you,
just know that "I love you" will always be true.
I often dream of you and wish there I could stay,
I know there is no price too high I would pay.
They the only moments in life that feel right,
make me wish it'd stay forever night.
I'm sorry I didn't say the words you needed to hear,
I just sat in silence and choked on my fear.
Sadly only in this time apart,
did my shift of perspective start.
I see the world so differently now, 
if only that meant I could change it somehow?
I hope you're happy my dear, I truly do,
but know I will never stop missing you.
I will love you forever and always,
my fire for you forever ablaze. 
:iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 2 0
Theoretical Drugs of the Future
 Drug 1: Name: Dosey Dreamer Description: The indica strain of marijuana is cross-bred with the poppy pods. Effects: Extreme body high with complete cure of all physical pains for 72 hrs per dose.
 Drug 2: Name: The Gateway Description: The Sativa strain of marijuana is cross-bred with Salvia extract leaves. Effects: a true hallucinatory effects from smoked buds, mixed with the euphoria of the weed creates a true good trip.
Drug 3: Name: Numb Rush Description: The coca plant is cross bread with the opium poppy plant. Effects: A mass of energy and pain relief hits the system so fast it floods the brain with endorphins. Ideal for soldiers in combat to take multiple hits and keep fighting. 
Drug 4: Name: Reaper's Candy Description: Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is cross bred with Deadly nightshade Effects: The User is forced to face their worst nightmares in order to overcome their fears
Drug 5: Name: Lost Child Description: A new synthetic drug derived from Serotonin extracts and
:iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 1 1
Lost in Shadows
I fear I'm lost in shadows, with no candle to light the way
haunted by the voices, oh what cruel things they say
and every time I near an exit, the key seems to jam
my demons swarm like hungry wolfs, and I the broken lamb 
they devour me alive, yet never seem to kill
It seems they love my madness, my suffering is just their thrill
How do I escape this darkness, how do I get away?
 I beg my demons to leave me, but they only smile and stay.
:iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 2 0
What is Reality?
What makes something real?
surely it is it's distance from ideal.
for how often do we rewrite memories as better than they were
yet if we did not complete that task they all would start to blur 
is it its ability to exist in the present time then?
or am I giving to much credit to when?
Perhaps its the ability of the senses that make something real?
but do a 20 strip of LSD and then tell me how you feel.
perhaps ones own perspective is the only cue
or do we choose the mass opinion as what is truly true?
perhaps reality is nothing more than the opinion of the observer?
but if the waters getting too deep than grab that life preserver. 
:iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 0 1
Mew by Feast4daBeast Mew :iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 3 0
Mature content
Those Choosen :iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 1 1
Dark Company
In the shadows monsters lurk
smiling as they do the devil's work
dragging souls to the gates of hell
if you listen closely you can hear them yell
begging for mercy they shall not receive
don't listen to their whispers, their designed to deceive
but if you find yourself below
do not fret, your company will grow.
:iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 1 0
Mad Hatter sketch by Feast4daBeast Mad Hatter sketch :iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 3 3
Toxic thoughts of the Sober Mind
    A match breaths life to an ember, making the fires dance in my pipe. As the intoxicating smoke rolls deep into my lungs, I feel the madness slowing. My mind is a dangerous place, full of true demons, injecting their venom into my perception. The faster the thoughts emerge, the faster the poison spreads. Reality has become a nightmare I am unable to wake from. At night I would dream of more ideal outcomes, making the waking morning's embrace most unwelcomed. I once believed death could free myself of the unending curse, yet I know I have never been that lucky. What is the purpose of my torment? A question I fear may have no answer. If this is a self-inflicted purgatory, why can I not just simple forge a key? I breath the smoke in deeper till I feel it embrace my soul. My thoughts start to slow their pace, as if they had to march through tar fields. Their loss of control for my focus leads them to more lethal tactics. Images, thoughts, memories, even hallucinogenic manifest
:iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 0 0
Tormenting Truths
I'm afraid you've seen too much,
for us to just let you go.
We attempted to convince you of your insanity,
that perhaps your memories are simply fabricated mental delusions.
Still you hold on...
            Why not let your suffering end?
If you give in to the illusion,
your soul may yet know peace.
If you continue to struggle,
more extreme measures must be taken.
What few strings still tie you to reality
will break
You'll find yourself lost amongst shadows
with only her whisper to call you back.
And the price for such a key, 
will cost you everything. 
:iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 1 0
Free Men do what they Must
Give me Liberty or give me death
not give me unemployment as I smoke more meth
We traded our values, for a life ease
accepted submission, and got on our knees
Complacent to the hand that feeds
dependent on it for all our needs
A nation that once bleed to be free
a people not divided but unified by identity "we"
They use the media to have us fight one another
distracting us from the true villain, big brother.
for if we unified as a nation
we could eliminate these corrupt puppets from station
Lead by Politicians that sell their souls to corporations
and thus find immunity to the people's demand of eradications
for We The People are no longer in control
with each law that passed another freedom they stole
They keep the illusion that your vote has effect
yet when cared for by the electoral college, watch popular choice be raped with neglect 
So if the system has failed us, how do we give the people back the power
by not waiting for a more opportune tomorrow, and deciding this is
:iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 1 0
Lucid with Lucy by Feast4daBeast Lucid with Lucy :iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 0 0 Magic Pen of the Third Eye by Feast4daBeast Magic Pen of the Third Eye :iconfeast4dabeast:Feast4daBeast 1 1


Welcome! Welcome!one and all,
I see you must have heard the call

and now you've come to claim my head,
but I wont be the one joining the dead.

For all my enemies have come to me,
and I carve their names in the dead man's tree.

I will tell the world, you all died well
and I will even buy the first round in hell

So thank you for accepting my invitation
I shall make your deaths quick without hesitation 

You must have known the price you'd  pay 
for being foolish enough to get in my way
Come forth my Enemies
 I wanted to write from a perspective of someone daring enough to call all of his enemies to a central spot, all for the sake of saving time hunting them down one by one
Diving Deeper
To say my mind has been stretched to infinity, and scattered to the winds would only give you a taste of how truly amazing this journey has become. For those who lost their belief in magic long ago, fear not it was never truly gone, you just needed to see it with the right eye...


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All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.…
On this day,  three years ago
she had enough, she let me go

Yet those emails of that final fight
I still read till this very night

I know I should just delete them all
but when I try my heart starts to stall

finger hovering just over the trigger
and my self hatred unable to grow any bigger

yet travel further in the past
and the emails turn back to love at last

Oh how it seemed so perfect then
I know we lost it, but I'm not sure when?

I hate to say it but we can't go back
its acceptance of this reality I seem to lack

How do you build something up that high
just to watch it crumble and die?

And simply walk away from the ash
from me and all the other trash

Did I not mean as much to you,
as you did to me?

Or was this always the way it was meant to be?

You with the stolen groom you dreamt of years before,
and me holding the broken pieces of the heart that tore.

I can fight back my demons no longer
it appears in your absence they only grow stronger

and I no longer the will...or strength to fight
take my lonely exit stage right. 


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