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YES, it's finally here after a long LONG wait! Ichigopan Volume 1 is now in print and ready for orders! *.*.*^0^/*.*.*

You can see more photos and pre-order it here at the site: ichigopan.net/vol1.php

I am taking pre-orders for the book for the next two weeks (September 4th through 18th), then ordering everyone's books at once to save on shipping. I'm not sure when I will print another batch, so quantities are very limited! ^_^

The digest-sized (5.5 x 8.5) book is 158 pages long and covers chapters 1 through 8. Also included are bonus pages featuring exclusive character profiles, sketches, and more!

I am so proud of this book! ^_^ It's been a dream of mine for years to have a series in print. I used a cheaper printing service, so it may not be perfect top-notch quality, but it still looks great and I'm really happy with it! I know there are a few of you here on DA who were interested in it, so I hope you are excited too! Yay! :D

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I'm on Patreon!

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Hey Ichigopan fans! :D Just wanted to give a heads up. I'm now on Patreon, an awesome website that lets you support your favorite artists for a very small monthly fee in exchange for cool bonus stuff! Here's the link! If you're a fan of Ichigopan and enjoy goodies like early samples of a future page's line art or bonus sketches you can't see anywhere else, please consider supporting me! ^_^ It would mean so much to me and help me to reach some goals that would make creating Ichigopan faster and easier. :D

Thanks for reading! <3

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Hey Ichigopan fans~

The book's pages and cover are all done now! The next step would be to send away for a proof copy, but I wanted to ask you all something first...

I've narrowed the printing website down to two places. One of them lets me order however many copies I want, even if I only sell a few books. The other one seems much better quality going by the print samples they have sent me, but I need to order at least 50 copies.

So I want to know, how many of my readers are interested in buying the first volume of Ichigopan once it is out? Let me know if you are in the comments here! This will help me decide which printing company to work with! Thank you so much! ^_^
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Hey Ichigopan fans! ^_^

I'm working hard on getting the first book ready! There's a lot to do: the cover, the bonus profile pages, finding a good publishing website to print it... but in the meantime, I've come up with a little event...a special 'Who's your favorite character' poll. I know I've done one before, but this new poll is a bit different...

You can only vote once on this poll, and you can't see the results... because the results of the poll will only be revealed in the bonus pages of the first volume of Ichigopan! ^^ Everyone, please show your favorite character some love and vote for them! Go to the main site ( ichigopan.net ) to vote! (BTW, if you have no-script turned on, you may need to unblock the poll, as it is javascript.)

Bye for now! :D
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Hey everyone! ^^ This is the official DA page for the comedy BL webcomic Ichigopan! I'll be posting chapter covers and hopefully some random sketches here~ :D

Be sure to check out the adventures of Yuusuke and the gang here: www.ichigopan.net
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