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By fearthebread
Hey Ichigopan fans~

The book's pages and cover are all done now! The next step would be to send away for a proof copy, but I wanted to ask you all something first...

I've narrowed the printing website down to two places. One of them lets me order however many copies I want, even if I only sell a few books. The other one seems much better quality going by the print samples they have sent me, but I need to order at least 50 copies.

So I want to know, how many of my readers are interested in buying the first volume of Ichigopan once it is out? Let me know if you are in the comments here! This will help me decide which printing company to work with! Thank you so much! ^_^
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I would buy one $)
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I'd like one/
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I'd probably end up buying more than one actually-
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This is awesome, do you know how long you'll keep making prints or is this a one time thing?