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Game of Twilight

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A commission remade into a print! All those swords, ALL THOSE SWORDS.

Ah!Drawfriend Feature! Thanks!
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Dragonwolf122191Hobbyist Digital Artist
How ironic that both shows are ending this year lol
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ConstantinChiselhoffStudent Artist
Twilight: I'm A Legend.
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Nightmare Moon grin So tell me Twilight. How does unlimited power feel?
Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Hmmm A sword is poking my butt.  
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ZiddersRoofurryHobbyist Traditional Artist
...I could swear I was watching you here, too. 
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NullgrayHobbyist Artist
and in the end, EVERY ONE DIES!! (BWWWAAAAAANNNGG!!!!) i never watched game of thrones, and i want it to stay that way, but from what i've either gathered/heard, or something/whatever, they all die in the end. OR i'm thinking of the wrong movie franchise.
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Twilight Sparkle the Stormborn, Mother of the Dragon, Alicorn Princess of Friendship, Queen of Ponyville, Mistress of Magic,
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Much blood has been schead simply to sit upon this throne, but in reality what is it really. The throne itself offers little comfort for it's been described as the sharpest chair in Westeros, and the mad king has been known to have cut himself so often he gained a nickname "king scab". Once you are crowned ruler to this throne you have several kingdoms you have to keep from bickering and arguing worse then nagging children. Then once your on the throne every person with a thought in their head will try to remove you from it, be it killed or discredited.
no I would gladly just settle for rule of my own castle with individuals who would appreciate being there.
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"Oh! That's a old stuff? Somepony made it for me a while ago. He told I looked umm.... "badass" when I sit on it. I use it mostly when I'm in negotiations. Yes. It has that effect on people."

Wonderful work
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OW, I would never sit on something like that.
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I love her content "another item checked off the checklist" smile you gave her.
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fearingFunHobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe thanks! ^^
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Wow it looks way better then the one you gave me but great job, are you coming to mlp msp again?
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fearingFunHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha! I was hoping you'd come across this! Feel free to print it for yourself at Wal-Mart or someplace. ^^ And I plan to!
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Im going to be there again too and would love to get that Fluttershy and Coco picture fixed, and are you remaking any more drawing from the con?
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Stigma-PhotonProfessional Digital Artist
Brace yourselves. Discord is coming.
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frans97Hobbyist Photographer
Guess what happens when you trip over towards all that... sharp iron?
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fearingFunHobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty sparkly red stuff!
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Well I guess it's some sort of sword art online! (oh my, the puns)
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 If anybody deserves to sit on the Iron Throne then it is Twillight. I really like your Fanart :)
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fearingFunHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, thanks!
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You`re welcome :D
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
all bow before your new princess or she'll cut your legs off and make you heh.
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fearingFunHobbyist Digital Artist
She's got plenty of tools of which to do so!
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