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Feisall Gags Flea with rope
18 girls gagged video
Aladdin genderbend underwater peril animated comic
Captured by Kunoichi
Trapped in the Office
Trapped in the Office By Spiderweber and Solidzesnake Sitting alone in her station Natalie was one of the only people at the call centre during the graveyard shift. She was a young, beautiful woman, with a curvatious body, long, curly blonde hair, and dark rimmed glasses. Even this late at night, she was getting calls to help service people's computers, but her shift was nearly up. "Thank you sir," she said to the man on the phone, "Yes... Yes... Next time this happens make sure the device is plugged in. alright so long." The phone hung up, and she ripped her headset off and slumped into her chair. Natalie sighed and groaned, "Another d
Hanging Around Upside Down
Hanging Around upside down By: Solidzesnake and Spiderweber Chelsea was excited she just arrived in Colorado and couldn't wait to meet her best friend over the internet Julie.  Standing on the other side of the terminal stood a young woman with long black hair tied back in a ponytail. She wore casual clothes, consisting of a tank top and short miniskirt. Finally her feet were wrapped in hiking boots and thick socks. "Julie!" Chelsea yelled and waived. Chelsea was wearing her orange and black shirt with jeans and a pair of tennis shoes. Julie waved to her friend. "Chelsea! It's really you! It's so great to finally meet you."
Shelob's School-Girl Prey [extended version]
 The feeling of cold stone against her skin woke her up first. As she shot her eyes open, Emma realised that the atmosphere was a lot more humid than it should have been and that she was in complete darkness. She shivered. The young girl, lying against the stone ground, lifted her upper body and looked around her, vainly trying to see something, a disturbed look on her face. She had no memory of coming here at all. She didn’t even know where “here” was. Emma rose on her knees. She was a young and attractive British girl whose liking for sports showed through her slim body and firm, toned limbs despite the presence of notice
2 AM
It was 2 AM; far later than Carol had expected to be home. She fiddled with her keys as she walked up the steps to her house. On such a dark, moonless night there was hardly any sort of light leaving her only her sense of touch to feel for the right key. She sighed as she brushed back her hair from her face. She had been out all night. The attractive, thirty something wasn’t quite the partier she used to be in her college days, but at least she still had her looks. She had been out and about, searching the bars for some cute hunk to take her home, but unfortunately her luck tonight wasn’t very good. Most of the guys that approache
Dawn in the Spider Web
Contains BDSM-fetish material. "Dawn gets mummified by spider web, and presumably eaten." You've been warned. Enjoy! Dawn couldn't believe what happening to her. She didn't ever want to be bested, let alone bested like this. Today had been a regular day for Dawn, like anyother that came before it on her journey. She was walking down a lonely path, with her companions sitting in her purse. Dawn was humming a quaint little tune when she heard something rustle in the bushes. "What was that noise?" she wondered. "Is it a Pokemon?" She hurried over to the bush in question quietly, as to not spook the little guy. Dawn peared over, noticing the
Dec 16
United Kingdom
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Dec 17th
Wow. Well, the place i went after DA is going down the censorship tubes. So I guess I'll be a lot more active on here. I'm trying to become more experienced writing so I might start uploading test stuff here. Looking forward to maybe talking to you guys on here more.


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