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catching love

It's hard to catch/find love. You just have to find the right person. The heart has a mind of its own.
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This is very cute! I really like these deviantArt-style animations. They're always really fun to watch. I'm actually surprised I haven't bumped into any similar-themed animations until now. It's a simple, but good concept: Literally catching love.

Onto the actual animation itself! I absolutely love the guy's facial expression, and the best part is when the heart bumps into him and he still maintains the same expression and continues to chase the heart. The hand motions are awesome and really add more to the animation than one would think it should. The only problem is that it caught my interest enough for me to wish it was longer. Other than that, it's really nice. Short, and sweet.
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This is ADORABLE and meaningful, I love how smooth your animation is!

The part that I like the most on this deviation is the part when the little dummy catches the love, its so cute and he looks so excited!!!! X3

The one thing I don't like though is when the heart bumps into him, he doesn't move back far enough, it looks like it didn't even phase him.

But otherwise I think this is just a lovely and ADORABEL little piece and You should keep up the awesome work!!
Cheers and have a great day!!!

Your Critique,
fnasklnfka Counts as a word. XD
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I googled 'fnasklnfka', but according to google, it's gibberish
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I laugh so hard everytime I see this image. :D Great!
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Hello ! Can I use this emoticon in my journal? I crédita link :) ( Sorry for my english :/)
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Hahaha, this is so me. Very funny, and also exceptionally cute; really nice work on this! :aww:
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If only I could make plz accounts...I'd fail at the animated ones :B
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:wave: HI!!
Just wanted to let you know this was featured HERE!! :iconveryexcitedplz:
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you're welcome :la:
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Oh, so sweet. I love it :love:
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I think dummy found love...
this is so cute....
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LOL it looks like WE have to do the chasing haha
love this! :love:
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super cute xD
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