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I adore your painting style, such an organic feel. Truly engulfs me into the scene!
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Волшебная атмосфера!
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so wonderfull I love the colours that you have used, amazing! 
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Oo, you've absolutely captured the certain winter blueness.
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This is so beautiful!
You've been featured here :)

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очень красиво. я думала, что это фотография
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Watching you paint is entertaining in itself.
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Да цвет и композиция - отлично :)) Не видел такого ещё
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грачи прилетели
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Жмякнула по иконке... иии... Ааххх... Эстетических эктазз.... Так просто, чисто, нежно и свежо, аж мороз по коже мурашками... 
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Kрасивые цвета, напоминает о Финляндии.
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I love it. It looks like a snow storm is getting ready to blow in.
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Feels just like this morning after the snow we just had...
Lovely painting, surprising warmth to it despite the wintry subject. I love how the sky and ground and water fade into each other, with the snow and hoar frost bringing sunlight into the picture.
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Cold, but refreshing!
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отлично так
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