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September Flame

SAI, 3 hours, improvisation after 17km walking.
And video:…
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Awesome, just awesome!
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Fantastic painting!
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I don't know when I favorited this, but looking back at it how ever many years later, it's even more beautiful! :)
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Nice Art! Nod 
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Amazing! You have an obvious affinity for trees(as do I), and you draw them beautifully!
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The is a Russian car? Vaz 2106?
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You've catched the feeling so nicely!
man your work is just super cool!
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This is fantastic! I somehow feel jolly just looking at it!
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Это так круто, что я поставлю на обои. Надеюсь, что вы не против.
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Wow, amazing style!! I love the lightning and palette!Clap 
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Wow! The contrast is amazing in this piece!
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В этой работе такое настроение приятное.
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absolute beauty,,,, I just love it.... ♥ 
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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Great style, very Illustrative!
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