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October Rain

SAI, 1 layer, 20 min.
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I love the atmosphere here
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:love: What a great month! And the rain! Wonderful!
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Wow! 20mins? all that detail? amazing!!!
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Awesome lighting..... Capturing the brief sunlight between the rain. Nice job.
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Wow, these colors, these lights and shadows... I'm speechless.. Your work is amazing !
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20 min. ?! How? It's amazing. :D
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Мой рабочий стол украшают ваши потрясающие работы - любуюсь-не налюбуюсь.)
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Wow. Beautiful. I watched the youtube video,'s amazing how you just KNOW what colors to use. I love it. 
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Simply stunning :-)
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this is freaking amazing… i love it
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very nice job on the heavy rain with high wind. I find it's one of those natural elements that's quite difficult to get just right. And with the lighting within the mix, you really did an outstanding job with it. :D
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Incredible Art work.. The October Rain.......... Jake Gasp.....:happybounce: 
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This has a really original feeling to it. I've never seen anything like it. 
Beautiful piece! You must live in michigan. Raining all day yesterday and it made me think of your artwork!
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First-rate work here sir.
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Absolutely love how the tree captures the light! :D
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