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KABAL Mortal Kombat

SAI, 1 layer, 40 min 
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A very ghoulishly awesome Kabal i must say. Mk3 may have had its flaws but i quite digged the characters. Except stryker and Arabian Shang Tsung
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no words just memories and flashbacks
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This is goddamn incredible.
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WOW *_*
cool ..I think I've fainted. 
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Fuck man!
This is unbelievable!Oh Noes! 
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Динамично весьма. Есть ощущение на большой картинке, что шлем на лбу чуток недосвечен, потому что рука и плечо белые с резкой границей блика а у шлема помягче. Или он тёмный и ржавый.
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Amazing :iconpuke-rainbowsplz: I love the movement in this one! :horns:
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that is incredible. ;_;
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Look at that awesomeness. It leaps off the friggin' screen!
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impressive action and look here
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Simply insane how fast and how good you are, sir! love it:D
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Kabal ! and in 40 minutes :) you have real talent man :)
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Holy Shit!! 1 Layer? And this detail! Damn this is just incredible.
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OMG!!! I almost flipped when i saw this! amazing mortal kombat fan art and better it's Kabal! THIS IS AMAZING! :clap:
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Best Kabal fanart ever! :D :thumbsup:
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dude, this is raw.
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