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Blue forest

By fear-sAs
SAI, 1 layer, near 1 hour.
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Nice work. Took a little while to find where this image came from. I saw in a video from Youtuber Mark Rober who had a framed version of it hanging on his wall. Which with some photoshopping and reverse image searching lead me here. So a bit of an Alice follow the rabbit down the whole. Anyway thanks for the art work and for the detective work to bring me here.

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you are extremely talented!
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I love this one so much!Heart :happybounce: 
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Oh wow, how do you do this? 
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This looks so cool!
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Oh my goodness, this is sooo beautiful Deadpool icon by GoldenNove  :clap:  
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Hey, i have used your artwork in this video… i hope you don't bother and i also credited you :D
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this is absolutely gorgeous. the mood created is tranquil and quiet. at first i was worried the creatures wouldn't fit it, but my doubts were soon taken away! and one layer? this is pure talent.
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Amazing, wish I had such talent as you :-/
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How long it took
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Looks awesome
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thankyou for my new wallpaper!

great work also ;)
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Awesome work! The colors and details make an stunning piece full of magic and expression. I love it! I love deviantART! :love: 
Amazing work, so much poetic ! 
Amazing I wish I could walk through that!
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enchanting, and interesting technique
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Great sense of depth
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Wtf 1 layer........ :v godlike
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So peacefullllll !! :) love the color and the atmosphere  :) Great work
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its beauutifull!
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