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TLOS: Dawn of the Dovahkiin



Woke up at three and couldn't sleep.  Finally gave in and got up around five thirty.  This idea popped into my head, so I drew it.  Sorry my handwriting is so messy...  This is what happens when I'm tired (I've had my coffee now though, so I'm fine :XD:)
Anywho... have a random comic! :la:  Hope it at least brings someone a little smirk, if not a smile or a laugh.  It brightened my morning to draw it... or rather, I had to brighten my desk this morning so that I could see to draw it :XD: 

And look, I even managed to make a jab at Twilight while I was at it!
I also think this is the first time I've drawn Malefor.  He was surprisingly fun to draw there.
I don't own TLOS, Skyrim, the characters, etc.
Art (C) Cody Hilson.
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Damn it. I want this to be on Cheezburger now.