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Stare Two by Feanor-the-Dragon Stare Two :iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 5 0
Clawless - Chapter One: Hunger, Danger, and Light
A Hatchling’s Story

Chapter One:
Hunger, Danger, and Light

    He knew that humans were dangerous. The smells of herbs, sweat, and meats both roasted and raw drifted up from the market stalls, tantalizing, invading his mind through his nostrils as easily as it invaded the crevice that swaddled his muddy scales in concealing darkness. His nose insisted that he ignore the warning knowledge. That slowly deepening pain in his belly agreed.
    His wings readjusted themselves against his flanks, just as restless as his shuffling feet. Beyond the edge of the little gutter, the world above and below his perch teemed, packed close with beige stone and rippling, roaring crowds. Above him, it stretched impossibly high into a network of bridges and hanging stalls, towering up and up until the sheer m
:iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 1 0
Story Excerpt - An Unanticipated Gunfight
An Unanticipated Gunfight

C.A. Hilson

"Bite the bullet."
Officer Joseph Shapiro: South District Industry and Wares Park, City of New Hampton, Praxis III
    I fired twice. Two nine-millimeter rounds sailed toward one of the shooters, but I ducked back behind the dumpster before I could see if they hit. A combination of machine gun fire and bolts from an energy weapon peppered the other side of the plasteel container at my back. Did they think the bullets would go through the damn thing, or were they just firing wildly? A rogue bullet missed the dumpster and smashed into the cement floor of the alley, whining away in a wild ricochet that made me wince and quit wondering about the gangbangers' tactics, or lack thereof. I dropped the empty magazine from my service pistol and slammed one of my two backups in its place with
:iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 1 0
DevID 2-5-18 by Feanor-the-Dragon DevID 2-5-18 :iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 3 0 Concept art up on my Patreon! by Feanor-the-Dragon Concept art up on my Patreon! :iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 0 0 Anaximander by Feanor-the-Dragon Anaximander :iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 8 2 Inktober: Link and the Master-Honedge, version 2 by Feanor-the-Dragon Inktober: Link and the Master-Honedge, version 2 :iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 3 0 Inktober: Link and the Master-Honedge, version 1 by Feanor-the-Dragon Inktober: Link and the Master-Honedge, version 1 :iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 3 0 Miffed by Feanor-the-Dragon Miffed :iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 5 0 Bulbasaur is for NN!  And You Should Be Too! by Feanor-the-Dragon Bulbasaur is for NN! And You Should Be Too! :iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 3 1 Shift by Feanor-the-Dragon Shift :iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 2 3
We Must Fight for Net Neutrality!
Dearest friends and fellow writers, artists, and creators of every ilk,
The FCC has announced plans to repeal net neutrality. We only have until December 14th to stop this.
If Net Neutrality is repealed, then internet provider companies can charge users extra for access to popular sites, like deviant art (or even to specific URLs within a site).  Not only would they have the power to silence individual sites and users entirely, but, if internet companies can charge more for access to popular sites than they do for access to less popular ones, then the very important body of laws protecting intellectual property and copyrights of creative material on the internet means nothing, because a party can profit from a creator's/owner's copyrighted material without the creator's/owner's consent.  This is one of the specific things that companies want to do if net neutrality is repealed.
We should all be severely distressed by the implications and effects of this move by the FCC.
:iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 1 1
Inktober No.1 - Me Starting Inktober Like by Feanor-the-Dragon Inktober No.1 - Me Starting Inktober Like :iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 2 1 Ampharos Used Thunder Slap! by Feanor-the-Dragon Ampharos Used Thunder Slap! :iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 6 0 I'm Gonna Be, the Very Best by Feanor-the-Dragon I'm Gonna Be, the Very Best :iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 2 0 Stare - journal background by Feanor-the-Dragon Stare - journal background :iconfeanor-the-dragon:Feanor-the-Dragon 2 0
Please step into me 'umble galley! erm... gallery.
But, heed well, for now ye be warned, forsooth; Thou standest on the edge of the map. Yea, even the very brink of it. Verily I say unto thee that beyod here thou shalt find treasure. Beware! For lo! Thou shalt also here find mosters.

Random Favourites

Spilling Food Coloring Stamp :) by TheWritingDragon Spilling Food Coloring Stamp :) :iconthewritingdragon:TheWritingDragon 3 9
What doesn't kill me...
With every insult you made me stronger, you see?
Everytime your hand beat me as child
The bruises turned into thicker skin
Each time you told me I'm not worth a thing
I realised how much I am worth
You said I'm depressed and that made me happy
Said I won't be able to go this way I chose
But I mastered it
Any challenge you threw at me
Expecting me to go down
But I rose higher up
And lately, yes, I was breaking
Close to falling, but not just because of you
Out there is a life waiting for me
For me to create it and to live it with pride
I know how much hate waits for me
But I am fine
I'll be alright
In this awkward, hateful disgusting world
:icondestruction-bunny:DESTRUCTION-BUNNY 18 18
Mature content
Decent :iconvsyo-vremya:vsyo-vremya 9 10
The Spartan and The Arbiter by tessieart333 The Spartan and The Arbiter :icontessieart333:tessieart333 220 119 Unfortunate the sewers by iCorbulo Unfortunate the sewers :iconicorbulo:iCorbulo 8 110 Wrong turn....Weird Moment by iCorbulo Wrong turn....Weird Moment :iconicorbulo:iCorbulo 6 82 Close Call by iCorbulo Close Call :iconicorbulo:iCorbulo 4 2 Wise or not Wise??? by iCorbulo Wise or not Wise??? :iconicorbulo:iCorbulo 12 118
He was the one I thought
Would be there till the end
I never thought that he would lie there
His body unable to mend
As I cry I feel a hand
A caring hand running through my hair
My friend is understanding me
She’s kneeling in the sand
If only I had said to stay
That the risk was too high
But maybe he wouldn’t listen
He would let out a sigh
And then he would say something to convince me
He would say that he trusts me
That I would save him, cuz that’s me
Now I kind of hate me
So here’s to you, my tears fall down
And I wish I told him no
But I know I won’t be the same
Now he is forever gone.
:iconchibi197:chibi197 1 8
In the Aftermath by Hieronymus7Z In the Aftermath :iconhieronymus7z:Hieronymus7Z 333 54
Dragonbrother Stories 5-7
Dragonbrother Accounts & Stories
:iconJ-C: The Dragonbrothers such as their animations belong to J.C. :iconJ-C:
Dragonbrother Stories!!!
I get asked by people recently if they can write a dragonbrother story for this journal so for everybody who plans to do so, YES YOU CAN!
We really appreciate it!
just please try to write it in the dragonbrothers format with ebbys text in bold and silvvys normal
(for bold text type in: NORMAL BOLD TEXT NORMAL without the *)
that saves a lot of time for me^^;
Yay another Dragonbrother story, this time its about me and one of my hot summer days, again written by ShaunSP so Enjoy! :icondragonnod1:
Silvvy’s very HOT Day by: ShaunSP
:icondragonstretch: *Yawn!* OMG! Summer’s
:iconxspyrothedragonx:xSPYROTHEDRAGONx 17 110
Dragonbrother Accounts and Stories

:iconxspyrothedragonx:xSPYROTHEDRAGONx 23 634
Suicide On Your Lips
I tried so hard to pull away
At the end of the night when we kissed
But as you begged me once again to stay
I could taste suicide on your lips
And such an intoxicating fragrance
Far removed from the stench of death
Such a beautiful perfume of life
Of a lost girl hollow from neglect
Am I too late to save her my Lord
Will those lips ever smile again
When razorblade remedies are scarring
Her beautiful porcelain skin
You spoke of your sorrows till midnight
Then you slept in my arms until dawn
Awoke and cried tears until midday
For your past and your present you mourned
And when the last tear finally fell
I explained I'd never leave your side
Heartfelt words alone wouldn't do
I painted our future with pride
Together we created a masterpiece
A magnum opus beyond compare
I now kiss those lips on a basis daily
The taste of suicide is no longer there
:iconcloudnumber8:CloudNumber8 438 250
We are one but we are few,
Sharing dreams, learning things new.
Everyone else has not a clue,
We are the people that no one knew.
We, the people standing in the shade,
Fading away within your gaze.
Yet standing tall, proud, forever,
Strength growing by the passing days.
Dwelling beneath our supple skin
Lies a fiery soul within
Untainted by the passage of time
Viewed by society as a crime
Embarrassment, a sleight on humanity,
If they only abandoned their hopeless vanity.
Differences unwelcome-humanity's outcasts,
They would see how much this belief outlasts.
Souls carved of scales hard,
Chromatic brilliance, the elegant shards.
Every shape, every size,
Damned by the masses: blasphemous lies.
Man and Woman, we stand as one,
Do not mock, this is hardly fun.
Imagine if your personal book,
Was given merely a glancing look.
We are old, we are young,
We speak with every foreign tongue.
Perhaps it may come, out of the blue,
You'll find yourself on this journey too.
This poem, with a change in
:iconcaptaincuttlefish:captaincuttlefish 27 15
Page 11 by captaincuttlefish Page 11 :iconcaptaincuttlefish:captaincuttlefish 8 9 Of celestial descent by Pachycrocuta Of celestial descent :iconpachycrocuta:Pachycrocuta 33 12
Have a look at these pieces by other people too! They are great and deserve some attention! :D

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Cody "Dragon's Breath" Hilson
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I am not really sure what to put on here, but I'll give it a go!

Firstly: :icondragoninsane: World Domination by sererena Stamp. by Trynnie Bad Mood Stamps Smiling by stamps-club
... Mwah. Ha. Ha. by SprntrlFAN-Livvi

Secondly: :squee: :happybounce: :eager: :icondragonlaugh: :icondragonxdplz:
If I've commented on very much of your stuff, then you probably know this to be true... But just in case: The Word of the day is EPIC by cilen-chii

My slogan is: "Too stupid to give up, too stubborn to die."

21-year-old engineering student facing my final year of college... though my passtimes range from building things to writing and art and generally leaning to do and make as many different things as I can.
I'm also a proudly self-proclaimed and often affirmed geek. :)

I admire good writers. Descriptive language is a sure-fire way to get me hooked.

There is a lot that I am yet to learn, and I look forward to learning it! Any advice or helpful criticism is always welcome.
...And praise! Praise is welcomed too! :D

Thanks for giving me a look-see!

The Scholar in Sane,

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