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[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Balloons by Gasara Credits and thanks go to :  

Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle

My artworks and photographs may not be reproduced, copied, edited,
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works are not public domain © All rights reserved.

Pixel - SparkleBerry Bullet by firstfear  Thanks for your beautiful stocks

Bullet; Pink Model by Faestock Tia - model stock reference 8
Bullet; Green Bg 1 by Malleni-stock Palatinate forest Stock 79
Bullet; Pink Bg by Euselia Premade background - 54b-2016
Bullet; Green Ladybugs by Jassy 2012: [link] page not found
Bullet; Pink Hair by Trisste-stocks Mermaid HAIR
Bullet; Green Plants by Frostbo 25 Aquatic Plants in PNG
Bullet; Pink Muchrooms and wings purchase
Bullet; Green Autumn Leaves by GoblinStock
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I like to think of "Lost" in this way:

She had lost track of time as she wandered the forest, hopelessly trying to find her way back out again. Worse still, everything seemed to be getting bigger over time; trees, leaves, insects, and even a mushroom she stood beside towered over her. She was as small as a...

By the time she put two and two together, it was too late. She felt it, a pressure on her back; painful, yet pleasant; gentle, yet intense. The pushing, and pulling sensation made her hunch over as orchid-like petals, clear at the edges, speckled with a violet pattern getting heavier the deeper into the wings you went.

She got to her feet, looked behind her and saw what fate had wrought spread out wide from her back. Now, she was truly lost, as far as her old life was concerned. Yet, perhaps this was a blessing? Perhaps by becoming lost, one can begin to find oneself?

(I don't know, I just really like fairy transformation stories.)

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Thankss so much !! Clap Flora 1.1 emote 
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Lovely orchid wings , and cool mushrooms, hehe...
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Thank you  so much Huggle!  
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   :iconxmasballs02plz: Thank you so much :iconxmasballs02plz:
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You are welcome :)
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Awwwee Stunning Beautiful art work!+fav Heart 
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Thank you so much Love Tards
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You're very welcome Hug 
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very nice I like it very much
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Excellent and creative piece! :love:
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HERE'S YOUR MAGIC PLACESparkle out of the hat 
:bestbuddies: You have a delightful imagination.Your extraordinary ability to create the detailed artwork  allows us  a look into what you have imagined!

Daisy thank youfor sharing them between us!!!!!!!!! 


Rainy Day

The Lair of the Mermaid


The Uprising

                                                                :heart4: Get Together :heart4: 
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A magical composition. Nod 
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Ohhh Love this :clap:
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