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Long night of Nargothrond


There are some stories and characters that are very special for all of us.  Tolkien's legendarium take a central place among this stories. From all Silmarillion legends Finrod and Galadriel’s story is one of the most important and magnificent. We were made this project for a long time, with a lot of love and efforts. Hope you will enjoy with all magic that we put in this photoshoot.

This story consist of two parts. Lord Felagund with his sister have a rest in their new kingdom, listening songs of flame, reminiscing long dark of Helcaraxe and all they had to sacrifice during this deadly path.

Fandom — The Silmarillion 
Characters — Finrod, Artanis 
Cosplayers — Zuan shi Tedjas, Fealin 
Photographer — Tamara Lekher 
Costume — Meril ar megil 

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Always enjoy your work, you have such a lot of fun and great moments. Thankyou :)
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Tender moment. Nice. :heart:
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Thank you!
We tried to catch the mood.