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-The End of Wonderland -

I now fixed almost everything you guys could point out, I shaded Alice better, made the water nicer, gave the underwater scene more color and detials, I fixed the roof, and gave the walls some very needed details.

This is my most time eating drawing EVER x__x

See alot of WIP of the whole image [link]

It's for a contest at [link]

It's ofcuz.. The end of wonderland; Alice right before she wakes up.

FULLVIEW or ..... GRR!

I WILL sell prints, but give me some time to make it suitable for DA's print sizes :P
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   Hello, Im doing #makeithorrorchallenge for Amino Horror. Can I use your artwork for the blog? I'll credit your name for sure. Here's a synopsis of the alternative story.

   An asylum runaway has wandered into a dark forest after her escape. There she met her first horror of the long night. A cannibalistic hillbilly White Rabbit and his invisible friend Cheshire Cat respectively. They pumped her with unknown plant drug, overdosing the poor soul. On the plus side it gave her bone marrow a mega boost. Production of blood cells, unbelievable proportions... Soon a dry forest will turn into scarlet swamp. The ancient spirit of the woods Cheshire Cat will be satisfied. As they began to cut her limbs, making her smaller, Alice's pulsing mind fell into a magical hole of pure hell...
Hopefully this story will keep you on the edge of insanity. 
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Sure, go ahead as long as you give credit. ;)
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Dang, it looks like that crazy version by American McGee.
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I love seeing everyone's version of Alice
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This isn't a DD?!?!? :iconraegplz: WTF?
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Omigod... Creepy... but amazing... super incredible.... *speechless*
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Great composition !
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Nice perspective and concept
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Creepy in an awesome way
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man that is really frickin creepy... really nice work very detailed and smooth... :+fav:
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I know it may not mean much since you probably get a lot of comments and such - but wow...just stunning. The composition is arranged in such a..perfect way ;A:...the colours are so suiting - I'm not sure how to describe it, it's not vibrant, but everything has a sort of decaying?? feel to it - not to mention your application of colour + shading is just spot on for the style you draw in. Good job!
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this is amazing ..i love it :heart:
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:wave: Your awesome piece of art has been featured here [link] :)
I found this pic in 2005 and I spent 4 years trying to find it again. It's good.
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You have been featured in "Rain in Wonderland" journal >> [link]
Hope you like it :dance:
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Really, really love it, the mad hatter is great, very different colour scheme on him than i've seen before, the underwater is also great :)
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This is one of the very best Alice and Wonderland illustrations I've seen! That angle is amazing <333
Great job!
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Lovely work!

Just letting you know I have featured you in my article: [link] ! :)

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amazing colors, loooks so creepy
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Wow, nice work! This picture might have been time-consuming, but it looks like it was well worth it. Great perspective, colouring, and style. :D
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