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(updated, larger n with some color works)

Based on the sketch I did on Live Stream. I`m still waiting to get a real flat over here so I can make more of these videos, but for now I can at least draw n post.

Watch the first 60 min of this drawing being created at: [link]
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damn, i really like your coloring!
Genko's avatar
This is probably my favorite thing in your gallery :)
nefeloumpa's avatar
whaaaaaaat is this? so awesome colouring! :|
fuckindriver's avatar
Amazing! Btw, I like your gallery a lot.
Nya18's avatar
wow..amazing landscape
bymeansof's avatar
wonderful colors and detail!
segisJap's avatar
love it!!
Looks awesome : )
DieselHead's avatar
nice use of light
s-o-n-q-t-a's avatar
awesome work!!! :D
pasztel's avatar
Wow. It's very good artwork!
Mitia-Arcturus's avatar
Dear Fealasy
Your Fantastic art work ... is selected to get in...Action-Portraits
If you don't mind...:heart:...!!!
"This is an invitation to Joint... Just in case if you are not in already ...!!!"
best regards.....................:)
You're most welcome in Action-Portraits...!!! :iconaction-portraits:
volantium's avatar
I love this painting, it's beautiful. :)
Desertfire's avatar
That is gorgeous!!!! :wow:
tare-musume's avatar
thank you for doing this livestream, i just recently got to watch it. Also it was the first time i got to hear your voice too! It was really great to see you working on your process and explaining the theory of environment detail. Are you going to be doing more livestreams in the near future?
Fealasy's avatar
As soon as I get a spanking new headset and my own apartment here. :)
evilslut82's avatar
Supercool! :) really nice... very awesome :D (you wouldn't have this image at 2560x1440 for my iMac background?) :D

though if you really want to know what i would find least nice, then the contrast of fore and background is a bit strong. Though my critique has little value, i can't draw more then a stick figure :D
Torke's avatar
Holy F#ck that's AWESOME!!
m-t-copyright's avatar
It's so warm and emersive. Like a memory from a dream~ the beautiful details are highlighted with lush colors. The mouse/monkey type creature is really cool.
Sephira-3's avatar
This is fantastic >.< I've been watching your videos and learning a lot from you ^__^ I been drawing every day and whenever I get all shitty at my work I just go straight back to watching your videos hahaha (sorry if this sounds like sucking up :D) Your gallery is honestly THE BEST! ;) Can't wait to see more <3
TauriqM's avatar
Incredible. I am in awe.
jbskycastle's avatar
this is really beautiful. the dept of field and color is really great. the over all looks really believable, and the story you got going on is interesting in of it's self.
great job as always
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