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Don't we all have to let go a bit more?

Well. it's handmade tho. tools: normal pen and markover brushes.

Do FULLSIZE.. Or your eyes will blow up!
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very cool. i love all the details.
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the colours and patterns in this are extreme. truly cool :P
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A killer bunny ? Nice remind me of "folkeskolen" :D
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i like the colours
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BetaTestedRobot|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is freaking awesome! Seems like something you would see pocted on the side of a building in spraypaint or something!
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kitton|Hobbyist General Artist
The details in this are really amazing! I really love the bright pinks of this! the stars and shapes and repeated patterns of the swirls and checkers are lovely in this! I really love all of the crazy characters and the feel of this piece! Very lovely work!
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After reading some previous comments I want to say that I agree with you on not to draw so "naturalistic" all the time. If a drawing is less detailed it does not mean that it is not as good as a more detailed drawing. I think it is really good that you experiment with different styles, because it shows that you have a really wide specter of drawing. Also, it is important that you draw like you want to, and not draw what other people expect you to draw.

I think this drawing is really interesting, and your own style shines through. The colours are amazing, and you always seem to push new boundaries.

keep ut the insanely good work :heart:
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moshimouse|Hobbyist General Artist
haha thats great! love all the detail!
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Makes me want to take some LSD is this what it's supposed to do to me ?!
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im sorry i cant use a dictionary for evry word! that would make this whole post take an hour. anyway, I love both ur sketches and what you call "pushin the limits". I think all of your work is very unique and i wish i was a better artist...i really cant color so all mine r in black and white... Awesome deviation!
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So twisted. I love it.
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projectfj| Digital Artist
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Awww so pretty :tear:
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feal.... i heart you...
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craziness... i like it! the colors are pretty wicked... but my favorite has to be the stars. i <3 the way you draw them.
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OMG!! that's so hoooot!! I love your art!! XD
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It's really really good!^^
I wish my "scribbles" would look like that! :(

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the aztec skull is quite refreshing
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XD I like the pink haired girl at the bottom next to the bunnies! She's cool, yo!
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whoa. lol
this is so colorful it makes it morbid in a very amusing way.
i love this. :)
great job on it!! :excited:
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Now alright here's we go.
Okay, so I don't know anything about the plott or whatnott that you have cooked up for this cartoon idea but Im afraid I must say that the chars. remind me a lot of ed edd n eddy. one tall dumb lookin un, one medium one, and one little mischievious one. So having said that...
I like this drawing though, and you doing a cartoon would probablybe the fucked uptest shit ever.
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Fealasy|Professional Digital Artist
ye I knew that was coming, had to. well these 3 aren't the maines, but the missing character looks pretty "medium" anyhow.

I have added a big rpg loving guy to the pack aswell tho, [link] the beraded one. (just to get away from the ed edd eddy stuff)
But it was majorly based on myself, Eufrath (imaginary friend o mine) and as a sidekick; my boyfriends cousin. But maybe I shouldn't draw myself that tiny and .. ye meschievious. I'm more the tall and paranoid one. but then we just have 4 tall characters... that look plain on the sheet.

fuck it, i'll just make meself a kitty, a paranoid killer kitty, and eufrath shall still be my mental sidekick, but not a kitten NO!! (gahh)

but their personalities are very different tho,

small: paranoid afraid o death and adulthood biacth who thinks she's so good a manipulating people but is really self hating and just wants a hug from her mommy..
medium: the demon sidekick always checking out the latest gore sites and magazines, violent, silent but a bit o a wannabe maniac with no real childhood Doesn't want the paranoid girl to grow up either as he's afraid she'll forget him, he's like..puff the magic dragon.
Tall: only seen in few "episodes", is an artist who does not fit into the world of adults and strickt working hours, a slacker and is mostly into his mobile phone, streetart and acting french.

goal: to optain more childhood and fight the adult "monsters" that now force em into boring jobs, marriage, wrinkels and babies.. as they barely got outta their teens.

Hey, can you say.. "blah blah blah like I give a nut" ?
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