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By Feael
I invite you to my Patreon
So, why you have to bring your precious money to that unemployed russian girl? I`m not eager to create the obvious fap-content, and i`m sure not even close to the best CG artists of the world. But i HAVE some interesting things to afford. What if Brad Pitt had a role in some post-apocalyptic movie? What if Stuart Townsend acted in a heroic fantasy? What if Keanu Reeves was the nuclear wasteland scrounger, and Milla Jovovich was the pyromaniac with a ramshackle hand flamer? You can see all of this here. My female models are real sweeties, and i can even draw YOUR portrait! If i will get enough support here, i will continue my drawing, and, one day, you will see here some really OUTSTANDING art.

Buy me a cup of coffee

Pledge $1 or more per month:

I`m posting here almost everything i do, so you can watch and enjoy. This will cost you nothing, but if you drop some money here, i will say "Thank You!" =)

A peek to backstage

Pledge $5 or more per month:

You'll get Step by Steps (6-9 pics) & Brushes (if they are different from default set) & Pallettes.
Also,when 50usd milestone will be reached, i will draw one special character per month, chosen by my supporters. That reward allows you to participate in a raffle.

Key to backstage

Pledge $15 or more per month:

As above, + you will get an access to my new high-resolution drawings, also you will get 3 pictures, chosen by you, amongst my older works.

Wise Advise

Pledge $50 or more per month:

Wow! Yore truly serious with that pledge! But you know what? Actually, i`m have an fine arts teacher diploma!
With this reward once per month i will do an overdraw on your picture and will give you some helpful hints about further improvement.

If you are interested send me a private message titled "DA Commission" with info/details about your commission. I'll write you back as soon as possible.
About prices
What I can draw:
Character Design, Concept art, Original characters, fan art, moe, creatures, nudity, etc.
*Please look at my gallery if you want to see what theme's I'm good at

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