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I invite you to my Patreon
So, why you have to bring your precious money to that unemployed russian girl? I`m not eager to create the obvious fap-content, and i`m sure not even close to the best CG artists of the world. But i HAVE some interesting things to afford. What if Brad Pitt had a role in some post-apocalyptic movie? What if Stuart Townsend acted in a heroic fantasy? What if Keanu Reeves was the nuclear wasteland scrounger, and Milla Jovovich was the pyromaniac with a ramshackle hand flamer? You can see all of this here. My female models are real sweeties, and i can even draw YOUR portrait! If i will get enough support here, i will continue my drawing, and, one day, you will see here some really OUTSTANDING art.

Buy me a cup of coffee

Pledge $1 or more per month:

I`m posting here almost everything i do, so you can watch and enjoy. This will cost you nothing, but if you drop some money here, i will say "Thank You!" =)

A peek to backstage

Pledge $5 or more per month:

You'll get Step by Steps (6-9 pics) & Brushes (if they are different from default set) & Pallettes.
Also,when 50usd milestone will be reached, i will draw one special character per month, chosen by my supporters. That reward allows you to participate in a raffle.

Key to backstage

Pledge $15 or more per month:

As above, + you will get an access to my new high-resolution drawings, also you will get 3 pictures, chosen by you, amongst my older works.

Wise Advise

Pledge $50 or more per month:

Wow! Yore truly serious with that pledge! But you know what? Actually, i`m have an fine arts teacher diploma!
With this reward once per month i will do an overdraw on your picture and will give you some helpful hints about further improvement.

If you are interested send me a private message titled "DA Commission" with info/details about your commission. I'll write you back as soon as possible.
About prices
What I can draw:
Character Design, Concept art, Original characters, fan art, moe, creatures, nudity, etc.
*Please look at my gallery if you want to see what theme's I'm good at

So, what`s the prices?
10 usd - If you need lineart sketch (3-5 version of pose, camera angle, clothing, background) this is your choice!

20-30 usd - You can have some speedart shoulder-length or waist-length portrait witout background (colored, w&b, "pencil") for this money.

40-70 usd* - You can have some speedart half-length portrait** (no lower than the knee level) for this money. 
* The price depends on the availability of background, complexity of the costume, camera angle and other things.
** If you need speedart full-figure portrait the price will be 70 usd.

75-150 usd* - I will draw detailed your shoulder-length or waist-length portrait. Fantasy, steampunk, sci-fi, warhamma, almost everything, except you and your cat on the background of your carpet. The main focus of the pic is your face. If it will be your portrait, be sure to get a good photo-pic of yours! Of course, you can commission a portrait of your favorite actor, cosplayer, singer... anything!
* The price depends on the availability of background, complexity of the costume, camera angle and other things.

200 usd+*
 - as above, but i will pay high attention to details, not related to the model`s face. Actually, fantasy and warhammer portraits are looking better for this money!
* The price depends on the availability of background, complexity of the costume, camera angle and other things.

This is just example prices for an A4 size 300dpi resolution picture. This can be cheaper, this can be more expensive - depending on what you are need exactly. I even can go for photo-manipulation, if you interested in it. Of course, you will get the printing-quality files, so you can print the pic on the canvas or your t-shirt. I prefer Western Union transfers but Pay Pal* is fine too. 
But it will be additional 15 USD to the price if you transfer money via Pay Pal. Also commissioner should pay the transaction fee. 


You can ask me any question, regarding my works. I will answer to my best on my Patreon account. I will be grateful for your Patreon support.
See ya!
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Do you know Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Jet Black,  Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV and Ein? Yes! 
So, I started up a new project: I used some well-known actors as a references for "Cowboy Bebop" characters. And i finished it!
Full set of stages and HR pics you can see on my Patreon

Cowboy bebop crew. All together by Feael
Ein. Cowboy bebop by Feael  Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV. Cowboy bebop by Feael  Spike Spiegel. Cowboy bebop by Feael  Jet Black. Cowboy bebop by Feael  Faye Valentine. Cowboy bebop by Feael  Faye and Spike by Feael

Sketches on DA:
Spike Spiegel (wip) by Feael   Faye Valentine (wip) by Feael   Jet Black (wip) by Feael  Cowboy bebop crew (wip) by Feael  
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV (wip) by Feael  Variants of Ed. Cowboy bebop (wip) by Feael   Cowboy bebop. Ed 2.0 (wip) by Feael  Cowboy bebop. Ed 1.0 (wip) by Feael  Cowboy bebop. Ed 1.1 (wip) by Feael 
Stages of Ed 1.0. Cowboy bebop (wip) by Feael

See you, space cowboys!
Cowboy bebop project. Background by Feael