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To all who roam DA and even care about me being alive or not (I know you're somewhere out there, you just blend very well with nature xD), I hope now we start a new year I can offer some good stuff around...

... And to begin with, I'm thinking of removing "Felaryan Madness". Why? Mainly because it's fine for a parody in my webcomic web (I'll get to finish the Spanish version, even if it's a stupid story), but for DA and for the Felaryan community? Not worth it, really. Also, it's been stuck for ages, so I better get rid of it in the following days so I can go back to focus on the real Felaryan stuff. When you aren't in the community's fetishes it's hard to come up with good stories set in Felarya, but not impossible. ;P

Also, I hope I can draw a bit more, not just those pages of my absurd illustrated badfic some people dare to call my webcomic - myself included.

So stay tuned!


A todos los que rondan por DA e incluso se preocupan por si sigo o no con vida (sé que estáis por ahí, lo que pasa es que os mimetizáis muy bien con el entorno xD), espero que ahora que empieza un nuevo año pueda ofreceros cosas buenas...

... Y para empezar, estoy pensando en quitar "Felaryan Madness". ¿Por qué? Principalmente porque como parodia para la web de mi webcómic va bien (terminaré la versión en español, por mucho que sea una historia estúpida), pero ¿para DA y para la comunidad felaryana? No vale la pena. Y ha estado durante mucho tiempo estancado, así que en los próximos días me lo quitaré de encima para poder concentrarme de nuevo en lo que de verdad vale en lo que hago sobre Felarya. Y cuando no estás metido en los fetiches propios de la comunidad felaryana es difícil crear buenas historias que transcurran en Felarya, aunque no es imposible. ;P

También espero poder dibujar un poco más, no sólo esas páginas para ese absurdo badfic ilustrado que algunos llaman mi webcómic (yo incluido).

¡Permaneced a la escucha!
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Karbo Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I hope this year will be good for you, dude :)
And I'm looking forward to your future stories ^_^
feadraug Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much. I also hope this year will be a good one. For now, I'm doing well at work, so at least that is secured.

As for stories, I have many ideas going around, as stories and characters seem to be my forte when it comes to Felarya, but I'm also being a bit more strict with myself in terms of quality - hence why my parody crossover will be taken down in the next days - and I'm still reorganizing my life quite a bit. ;P
mithrandirff7 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011
0_0 DRAUG.

I invited the CN crew over to my forum because they got tired of the trolls on Sheezy and needed a place to stay! Join us! You can have fun or actually crack down on some serious business, because I have stockpiled some resources and junk =D

feadraug Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mith, how glad I am to hear from you! ^^

So a way to reunite the good ol' CN crew? Sounds like a nice idea. OK, give me a couple of minutes to register and I'll be there. ;D
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