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  • Listening to: Marvel vs Capcom 3 OST
  • Reading: The Light Fantastic
  • Watching: Doctor Who, Torchwood
  • Playing: Street Fighter III: Third Strike OE
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Summer is coming to an end... and there are still some things to do... I guess I should actually work on my priorities.

Now, first of all, one of the fanzines I'm in - WEEzine 5 - already have my entry. Three pages of madness with fairy tales, a giant redhead, a big headed villain, Monty Pantheon and a pony. Yes, a pony. Three guesses which one I'm talking about.

So what's left? Going back to my webcomic? Oh, I already did, while making fun on how DC has treated Lobo in the last few years. Good ol' Lobo was a 90s product who couldn't make it well into the 21st century...

OK, so what's next? Yes, yes, the European Fanzine Project. Gotta deliver sketches soon for that. Quality process and all, I have to work hard if I don't want to get myself kicked out of the project either for being late or for making crap. Or for both.

So... oh, hey, what's this? "Felaryan stuff"? Man, I've been quite away of the community, now that it's again at peace and things happen. I have a couple of stories there waiting to be finished and... I should draw something... Well, I guess I should get some more free time. Dunno where to get it, though. :P
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Submitted on
August 25, 2011