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---Warning: This story contains vore.---

This is my entry for :iconkarbo:'s contest. Truth to be told, I'm not in the fantasy of either macrophilia or vorephilia. But during this time, I had seen how the world a great artist like Karbo created has been growin up thanks to not only Karbo himself, but also I saw how other people had contributed to Felarya with new species, lore and curiosities.

And this writing contest, I think, is my way to say "I can give a try and collaborate with this gigantic project". That's why I read through the Felaryan wiki and got the inspiration for this story.

I know: it's a VERY long story, but I didn't want to miss any details. I wanted to catch the Felaryan atmosphere. Maybe because I don't understand so much about vore I didn't get everything right, but for someone who isn't in this fantasy, I think I did pretty well.

Also, I wanted to create some unique character. I knew I wanted to create a fairy. I think the Felaryan cast is overpopulated with nagas and also Karbo suggested to choose other species. Guess he wants variety and that's what I wanted to go for as well. I could have chosen a mermaid or a centaur, but I have this little feeling towards fairies, dunno why...

The fairy's name, Kyria, came later, but after that I wanted her to be especial. (Not only the fact she stands 5 feet tall, no. xD) Looking at the fairy locations in Felarya, I suddenly stopped at the Forest of Whispers and had an idea: a fairy who can't speak at all but lives in that forest. Odd, but interesting, in my opinion.

I don't know if Kyria will ever be part of the 'official Felarya cast', but I must admit I really love this character. Her cute looks are deceiving, as they hide a voracious yet playful young lady. I think Kyria sure has lots of things to show, but only time will tell. Anyway, I recommend you not to stay near her, hehe...

Not only I created Kyria, but also another character: Seelvee, the dryad. And I feel like I could tell something about her too...


If I have enough time, I'll make a story with Seelvee as well. I'm sure you know what I'm gonna tell you in Seelvee's tale, right? Dunno if it'll enter the contest as well, but don't expect it to be as long as "Kyria's breakfast".

Anyway, enjoy it! And better be careful if you end in Felarya. That's if you don't want to end in some pretty lady's stomach. ;P

EDIT: Now you can read this story's prelude, "A night with the dryad".
© 2008 - 2021 feadraug
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David-Dent-Jedi's avatar
I loved this story! Wonderfull details and very descreptive, the silent fairy character is intresting, her mutenes makes her unique and the vore was even well done and diffrent, bravo! :clap:
feadraug's avatar
Thank you very much. You know, it's hard to make these vore things when you aren't a voraphile, but it surprises me that people think I got it right.

But what surprises me the most is how people liked Kyria, even though this was her first story. :P
David-Dent-Jedi's avatar
O.o Wait...You DON'T like vore? Wow you do a great job writing for someone who doesn't. O.o
feadraug's avatar
It was hard, but still surprised me how well I got the feeling. :P

Glad you also liked how well I did. :)
no-name-warrior's avatar
i can never bring myself to just fave without commenting but i cant think of what to say, that was a very well done sotry im speachless... wow dude... very very great job man
feadraug's avatar
Still surprises me how much people like this story... Strange enough, since I'm no voraphile at all and had to work hard for getting something that would fit in the setting.

Thank you for both the comment and the fav. :D
no-name-warrior's avatar
i know right, i was thinking about that while reading and finding it hard to believe xD well i guess it just goes to show you got some serious talent

^^ your welcome, thanks for putting so much effort into writing such an awesome story
feadraug's avatar
Thank you once again. I'm really glad to see that I did well. :)
no-name-warrior's avatar
^^ your very welcome
roulett777's avatar
just like the rest of your stories this one has dymanic characters and is an excelent story thanks for recomending this story to me
feadraug's avatar
You're welcome... and of course, thank you for the comment! :D
FS-the-voresmith's avatar
Great story. She seems like an interesting character.
feadraug's avatar
Many people have said that too. Looks like I did something good at last. xD

Thank you!
WillyGalleta's avatar
Hay un par de palabras mal puestas, pero sólo visibles para el más perfeccionista. :P
Aunque para mi gusto sobran re-descripciones, hay que admitir que no se ven historias tan bien escritas todos los días. ^^
feadraug's avatar
Es que siempre hay un par de cosillas en inglés que me fallan, pero con el tiempo se corrigen... Y a veces en las descripciones soy un poco Tolkien. xD

Pero bueno, teniendo en cuenta que mi inglés escrito no es perfecto, al menos la gente que lo ha leído lo ha entendido. ;P
NightGolem's avatar
I like the story XD it feels adventurous and it was interesting ^^ Well to me it was^^;
feadraug's avatar
Then I'm glad you liked it. Thank you very much for the comment. :D
NightGolem's avatar
^^ well I comment on what I read X3
feadraug's avatar
And I thank you for that. ^^
Ravana3k's avatar
Long and impressive story .... I can see somebody who is close to the Top 3 ^^

Good work and my respect
feadraug's avatar
Thank you very much for both the comment and the fav!

Top 3? I wish it could be like that, but until the contest ends we just have to wait. But yes, being on the top 3 sounds great. ;P
Ravana3k's avatar
Thinks you have evry good chance with your story
feadraug's avatar
Let's wait and see. Anyway, many thanks for your support. ^^
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