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Fludentri – Never-ending fight

The challenges their own world offered were now petty compared with what the Fludentri used to enjoy. The creatures that inhabited their home world had learned to respect this warrior species through fear and defeat. The Fludentri barely knew of compassion and were known for celebrating their victories and humiliating the fallen enemy, as they considered those defeated not worth respect, and not worth living. They were indeed amused looking at those they defeated in the past now crawling and kneeling before them, begging for mercy. A mercy that would never come.

And now their rivals were so predictable, so boring. And despite it was always a good time watching two strong Fludentri fighting each other at their coliseums and stages, for the sake of a show of skills, and despite their creativity, even among the best of the Fludentri they missed some new blood.

The Fludentri were condensed bodies of liquids, nearly indestructible. No wound would last in their bodies, their healing factor made them immortal unless they would be so damaged they couldn't heal themselves. And as they looked to the sky, they remembered no one in their world could even severely wound them.

The Fludentri had been watching the stars reflected on their oceans. Sometimes they even went to the surface, far from their underwater cities, to watch these stars with their natural, real bright. Those points of light could be so similar to the star their planet was orbiting, but so far from them... Could these stars actually hold planets themselves? Could there be other beings in those planets? Could there be new challenges for the Fludentri, waiting in the depths of the Universe? They didn't ask themselves that much these questions, as the Fludentri were known for their actions, not for their thoughts.

The Cosmos was a vast space, too vast for being empty of any other life. Even if they weren't the best at thinking, the Fludentri knew that there should be someone else, out there, in the stars. New allies, new enemies, those who could prove their might against the Fludentri. And the last the Fludentri wanted to miss was a battle, a test of might, an opportunity to show their own strength and the weakness of others.

The Fludentri scientists were scarce, but they were the only ones who could think straight for more than two minutes without having a thought of fighting someone else. They had been working on several vessel prototypes, vessels that would lead them to the stars. For months, prototypes came and went, as the engines grew faster, the technology for their survival advanced – although surviving hostile environments was another challenge for them – and their weapons and starship shields grew more powerful. Because the Fludentri knew that the Universe could be hostile towards them, so their ships should be as prepared for battle as the own Fludentri were.

Not long ago, the first Fludentri starship could finally prove itself against its first target. The Fludentri discovered an alien vessel not far from their world. Those alien marauders were not prepared for what they were to face. Their brownish ship was destroyed, a victim of the Fludentri artillery, and what was left of it burned as it entered the atmosphere. The Fludentri starship gave the violent liquid species their first interplanetary victory.

"Weak" was the only thought they had. They were longing for meeting alien rivals, but of course, they expected more. Instead, they were disappointed at what they found. Scouts. Explorers. That wasn't what they wanted, those were stupid explorers, not ready for the battle. The Fludentri thought themselves as having the upper hand if any other aliens were this unprepared. Their victories against their enemies would force those who would oppose them to be prepared, to show their own strength. And then, the Fludentri would finally find rivals that would give them the best of challenges at last.

The second and third ships would soon abandon the world's orbit, looking for new planets, new arenas, new enemies to fight. Soon more ships would depart and the Universe would finally experience the power of the Fludentri's art of war.
And now let's go with the Fludentri, another of the Ascendancy species. They're just masses of liquids able to heal nearly every wound. Also, they're the kind of warrior race that will not stop if they find a challenge, a new fight.

There's no more else to say, actually. They aren't as interesting as, for example, the Klingon. In fact, I find the Fludentri kind of boring.

And that's another Chamachie ship down. :P


Fludentri, Chamachies and Ascendancy (c) The Logic Factory
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