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Dubtaks – Another day, another theft

They were the best at what they did. They were unmatched. That was why their tribe needed them in this very moment. If someone could get the data their people were willing to acquire, these were the right guys. Their mission: infiltrate the Polar Island laboratory and steal their new investigations' results.

Polar Island was in the furthest end of the Great Southern Continent, a very hostile environment. Temperatures were extremely cold, the closest to absolute zero one could ever experience. But this frozen, white region was no obstacle for a Dubtak's movement, specially for this highly-trained group. Not even the worst climate conditions.

And even if they weren't part of the clime, not even reinforced gates could stand against them. They could be made of the best materials, they could look shut and unable to move a single inch... but there was always a gap, and no gap was narrow enough to stop a Dubtak. Their stingray-like bodies could move swiftly and past the gap no one else would have ever noticed.

Inside the scientific complex, the group of spies kept moving quickly yet silently. Their speed was pretty amazing for their bodies, moving so fast the surveillance cameras installed all over the place couldn't get a glimpse of them.

No one would roam without the slightest guide. But Dubtaks aren't known for sliding blindly, as their enhanced senses helped them to guide themselves, even in places they had never been before. Also, the fact they got the building's plans beforehand would make things easier. They knew where to go thanks to the plans, but their senses could warn them if something seemed off.

Guards went and came, and despite being Dubtaks, they weren't able to detect the group of spies. It was a curious fact seeing these Dubtaks using cracks and shadows to hide from those of their kind and go undetected. These guards could be Dubtaks, but they were so dependent on their surveillance technology that they had underestimated their own natural abilities. A big mistake, the spies thought, and it would be their doom if the spies didn't have a higher priority.

They finally found the external terminal that would connect them to the main computer. It was just a few inches from them and once they checked no one else was around, they approached it. Downloading the information in their small storage devices would take mere seconds. Terabytes would be theirs in a routine the Dubtak spies were very used to, and they had perfected as much as their stealth skills. After all, when you are a data thief, you have to hone all your skills.

The last of the devices was full and ready. All the information was stored now. But that wasn't enough. Dubtak spies not only had to infiltrate and steal. They also had to erase every trace of their presence... or simply erase anything in their way.

Another device was connected to the terminal. This one was very different from the others and if the Dubtaks could emit any kind of sound, they would silently laugh. Once the device made its job, the Dubtaks retrieved it.

And as silently as they had entered, they silently left the scientific complex.

Their mission was accomplished. The date they had come to steal was finally theirs and their rivals were left with nothing. Mainly because this last device that they had used had erased the computer's memory, both main and backup. None of the research's results was in the complex anymore.

Many Dubtak tribes would be blamed before the real thieves would be found. And then, it would be too late...

… Because then, this tribe would have become the first one to contact aliens... and visit other stars. And they would be far away from their enemies.

The Universe they would soon visit had even more information than that they had stolen. This Dubtak tribe needed more and more data. Data they would obviously steal. Like a good Dubtak would do.
The Dubtaks are stingray-like aliens with some sperm-like appendages that are masters of infiltration and theft. In fact, they don't usually develop their own technology: they steal it from others. Which can help in advancing in a game where scientific investigation is crucial for winning.

Yeah, their some little bastards, aren't they? xD


Dubtaks and Ascendancy (c) The Logic Factory
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October 8, 2011
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