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Chronomyst – Chronos speaks

The immense ocean hid more than one could see from the surface. As one would dive deeper into it, watching mysterious creatures that have no relation with anything close to a fish, they would notice something marvelous. Instead of approaching the black pitch abyssal depths, one would be bathed by a light coming from gigantic crystal structures, similar to quartz, 'growing' from the depths. The warm shining of such crystals engulfed the original dark rocks, throwing their shadows everywhere.

This was the greatest of the Chronomyst cities. They lived isolated from other animals, in a nearly permanent communion with their god Chronos, in a life of meditation, silence and light. Such concentration gave a really spectacular light show that grew in intensity as the rays went into the city's crystal and rock streets, as the little jellyfish-like crystal beings added their own light. This little ones were the Chronomyst themselves.

Light emitted by these Chronomyst was reflected everywhere and such reflection came back to them. An impressive light spectacle, although light was more than something nice to watch. It was their life, their connection with Chronos, the inner knowledge they sought.

And even though the light covering the streets was intense, as one would move to the center of the city, an even brighter light would nearly blind them... maybe losing the most beautiful sight in this or any other Universe.

The Chronomyst called it 'The Conclave'. The beauty of such marvel of nature was impossible to describe, and up to this day no one could ever find the right words that could make justice to 'The Conclave', one had to watch it with their own eyes, if they didn't become blind by its intensity.

Millions of Chronomyst gathered, their own lights being reflected in a marvelous yet chilling wonder. Their intensity grew as more Chronomyst joined, thus giving 'The Conclave' its famous light. No Chronomyst remembered who began it, nor they thought of it at all. For so many milenia, 'The Conclave' gathered generations of Chronomyst, sharing their knowledge and culture.

The Chronomyst had learned that light could transmit information. The light of a Chronomyst was an infinitesimal part of the general knowledge of every Chronomyst that had ever lived, making 'The Conclave' the collection of their wisdom through the centuries.

And in that special day, 'The Conclave' was more crowded than usual. Visions of other worlds, far in space and time, had invaded the minds of  many Chronomyst in their meditation. The light conclave was agitated with these thoughts, as the rays of light with such information spread.

Was this the Universe far from their rock, crystal and light city, far from their ocean, far from their world? Other worlds were awaiting. Other worlds with other species.

They had seen the stars in the sky, when they rarely swam to the surface, driven by their curiosity as the dim light of the stars was so weak as it was seen from the ocean depths. In the beginning, they were just another source of light, one too far form them to reach. In this session of 'The Conclave', however, they thought of them in a very different way, with the sight of alien worlds in their minds.

The Chronomyst were a bit reluctant towards this idea, but their light-speed, organic crystal brains gave it many thoughts in just miliseconds. In their dreams, there was a signal from Chronos to conquer time and space, to conquer more than their inner selves, to reach the stars and their light.

And so was Chronos' Will.
There is not so much to say about the Chronomyst. They are just jellyfish-like beings made of organic crystal, which use light for meditation and for transmiting information.

Really, there's nothing more I have to tell you guys about them. :P


Chronomyst and Ascendancy (c) The Logic Factory
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September 29, 2011
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